Pt. 6: Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Henry Ford

Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Pt. VI

What Democracy Means

     Multi-culturalism as been the cry-word of the 21st century.  Back in 1900 the cry-word was Melting Pot, and the immigrants were expected to meld into one world, one people, one ideology.  All this stuff sounds vaguely familiar doesn’t it?

     How did American industry relate to the two concepts?  The steel industry and industry in general chose the multi-cultural approach.  Thus the steel industry brought in, by which I mean to say recruited, immigrants from many different cultures and languages while making no effort to Americanize them or teach them English so that they would maintain their national identities and be incapable of communicating with each other thus foiling any attempts at union organization.  Multi-culturalism leads to disorganization and antagonism, then as now.

     Henry Ford, when his factories became huge took the Melting Pot approach preferring his workers to have what would become the Global approach in this century- one world, one people, one universal ideology.  Remember everything is situational- nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.     Always forward thinking, well ahead of his time or any other time Henry created the Ford Sociological Department, anticipating the government by several decades,  and set up the Ford English School, today known as ESL schools.  Ford’s precocious efforts were made in the latter half of the teens of the twentieth century.

     Ford then encouraged his immigrant employees to adapt to conditions in what most immigrants boasted of as their adopted country.  The rhetoric of the immigrants was that they were superior to the native born who after all were born here and made no choice, because they had the intelligence and expertise to adopt American citizenship.  Ford merely helped them along by providing free means to adopt the customs and language as well as the snappy incomes of their adopted country.

     While the multi-culturalist industrialists are not lauded today who, while being au courant, were nevertheless motivated by a narrow self-interest, Ford is absolutely castigated for his very modern, even hep, approach.  Of course the notions of modern Liberals theorists of multi-culturalism and globalism are self-contradictory but we won’t let that bother us any more than it bothers them.

     As usual, however, Henry Ford was showing the Liberals the path to the future.



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