Navy SEALS, Sam Peckinpaugh And Shotguns


Sam Peckinpaugh

And Shotguns


R.E. Prindle

     Liberals have watched one too many movies.  Apparently they have taken Andy Warhol’s advice  and are pretending that life is a movie.  Liberals have taken George Clooney and Syriana a little too seriously.  These Liberal yo-yos seem to think assassination is a media game.

     Thus Tony Dokoupil on the Daily Beast lauds the Navy SEALS as ‘the nation’s quietest killers.’  We aren’t told who the ‘nation’s’ noisiest killers are or the messiest or neatest or how they compare to the wonders of assassination performed by the Mossad.  Dokoupil further tells us that although quiet the SEALS can crash through doors and “double tap” the enemy’s face…killing…with two point blank shots.’  Shucks they should use exploding bullets and save the expense of the second round.   Point blank and they need two shots?  Tony’s got the lingo down and enough movie viewing experience to know what an action film is all about.  “I’ll be back!”  Tony mutters as he signs off.

     Not only that but Tony uses antiquated ‘conservative’ terms like ‘nation.’  Hell, we all know that nations no longer have a place on this earth.  One world, one people, one religion.  Global, global, global.    How does stuff like this get past the Daily Beast censors.  Are they so sloppy they don’t have oversight?  They’re owned by Newsweek aren’t they?  No wonder the magazine is going bankrupt.  Good thing too.  Save us the trouble of bursting noisily through the doors and shotgunning them to death a la Sam Peckinpaugh.



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