Pt. 5: Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Part V

The Seamy Side Of History


R.E. Prindle

        The so-called holocaust had nothing to do with the Jewish agenda.  It neither began nor changed the direction of the agenda.  It was merely an unexpected incident that while no more or less painful to the Jews compared to European suffering could be turned to advantage and it was.

     Neither did the International Jew articles in Ford’s Dearborn Independent initiate warfare between Fordism and Judaism.  The articles were merely an incident that could be turned to Jewish advantage.  The true struggle was between the Semitic Weltanschauung and the Aryan Weltanschauung.

     It has been noted that poverty in today’s State of Israel is among the highest in the world.  How can this be true among a culture which for the last two hundred years has promoted itself as a nation of financial wizards?  How is it that in Ford’s America poverty was the lowest in history while in today’s Judaic Israel poverty is the highest?  How evil could Ford have been?  Or, was he merely misrepresented as evil for sectarian reasons?  The answer is quite simple.  The Jewish mantra is that the poor shall always be with us.  In other words, Judaism wants and needs them so it creates them.  Witness the growing poverty in the US now that Jews have financial controls in their hands.

     Seeping into the Aryan consciousness via the Catholic and Protestant religions Aryans were embracing the concept.  Of course, Catholicism virtually worshipped poverty in the Middle Ages while today Protestants have the lowest average income of Jews, Catholics and Protestants.  Thus in the US they serve as the poor for a Jewish elite.

     Now, Henry Ford was as much a messiah as the next guy and he thought he had discovered the means to eliminate poverty which to a very great extent he had.  You may imagine the Jewish reaction, as well as that of the churches, when Ford announced that he was doubling wages- that is a 100% percent increase by fiat without union negotiations in one moment.  This wage increase went a long way toward eliminating poverty in the Michigan auto belt from Detroit to Saginaw-Bay City.  Indeed, the most poverty stricken element of the population, the Negroes, flocked to Detroit and Michigan to take advantage of the situation.  Thus Ford did what no one else, including the Negroes, had been able to do, improve their lot.  As other industries were compelled to follow suit the US wages already thought high became the envy of the world.

     It was at this point in 1914 when the destruction of Ford and Fordism was determined upon.  There was no other cause.  Judaism is incapable of evolving or changing so in many ways when Ford said:  ‘If that’s what History says, then History is bunk!’ and then changed the paradigm to universal prosperity it was a bigger blow to Semitism than the so-called holocaust.

     While the Jewish agenda in the US was set in 1898 when the international Jewish government of the Alliance Israelite Universelle  was brought  from France to the US Ford gave the Jews a focal point to highlight the ‘anti-Semitism’ in the US.  After 1914 a new Jewish goal of dismantling Fordism was created.  That goal has now been resolved in favor of Judaism.  The jobs have all been exported; there are no longer US manufacturing jobs while those remainders that do exist will have to have wages reduced to meet foreign competition in a ‘free trade’ world.


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