An Open Letter to Benjamin Todd Jealous, President NAACP

Mister Jealous

An Open Letter To

Benjamin Todd Jealous

President of the NAACP



R.E. Prindle

Dear Sir:

     I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in your organization’s lack of response to a pressing Culture problem caused by your own Negro Culture.  As you must be aware the Negro Culture as a whole castigates the entire White Culture for the enslavement of the Negro Culture from the seventeenth century through mid-nineteenth century in the US.  As you must be fully aware the Negro Culture was enslaved throughout all of Africa, Brazil, the Middle East, the Caribbean and India for centuries before and after while in the United States only a very small minority of Whites were slaveholders.   I see no reason why only Whites in North America should be singled out for Negro castigation.

    It is a fact that in the United States the vast majority of Whites objected to the ‘peculiar institution’ of slavery favored by a very small minority of Whites while the territory of Kansas was dubbed ‘bloody Kansas’ because of Kansas Whites’ determined efforts to keep slavery out.  I don’t feel the need to mention that millions of White men died to end the ‘peculiar institution.’  And yet you and your organization blame all Whites while encouraging Negroes to commit violence, murder and rapine against all  Whites whether they were in the US at the time or not.

     Now, Sir, as our very respected Jewish Culture has repeatedly pointed out, a whole people cannot be held responsible for the offences of the few.  Surely, I hope, a responsible leader of his people like yourself can see the justice of the Jewish opinion, and, I might add, my own.

     Silence in the face of bigotry and crime is the greatest crime of all and I accuse you, Sir, of that crime.  Your silence in correcting this error and crime of your people is inexcusable.  You should in justice resign from your position and if you fail to speak out against this egregious injustice of your own Negro Culture I’m afraid that I and millions of other right thinking White Culturists must demand that you be fired.  It is too late for an apology but you may make one if you wish and I’m sure it will be considered.


R.E. Prindle


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