Pt. 4: Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Part IV

‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’


R.E. Prindle


John Roy Carlson: Undercover, 1943

John Roy Carlson:  The Plotters, 1946

     I first read these two books about twenty years ago.  I decided to give them another go.  Being better studied twenty years on I was amazed at what I found.  John Roy Carlson is not the name of a human, it is a cover name for the American Jewish Committee.  They began to put these expose books out every year or two finally abandoning the John Roy Carlson subterfuge and releasing them under the byline of the current president of the AJC.

     Avedis Derounian, the putative author, was an Armenian immigrant who took the rap for writing these two.  Undercover was apparently written in part by Walter Winchel.  The Plotters was put together by in house writers of the AJC who furnished the part of Undercover that Winchel didn’t write.

     Startlingly the whole Jewish agenda from 1913 to the present is revealed in these two books.  If you read them carefully and don’t get hung up on the rhetoric you will understand perfectly Jewish activities of the last seventy years and will be able to anticipate every move of the future.  The Jews cannot and will not deviate from the presented agenda.  And why should they, it’s succeeding.

     As an example of how successful the agenda has been I offer this quote from the May 2, 2011 issue of New York Magazine, p. 24.  What’s Left On The Left (Paul Krugman’s Lonely Crusade) by Benjamin Wallace-Wells.

     In December (2010), Krugman and five other liberal economic thinkers (Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Reich, Jeffrey Sachs, Alan Binder, and Larry Maskel) were invited to the Oval Office for a 90-minute off-the-record audience with the president…The economists sat ringing Obama- two Nobelists, a former Labor secretary, and a former vice-chairman of the Fed.  Not a gentile among them, Krugman noticed, but “an amazingly high proportion of beards.”  (My italics)

     If ‘gentile’ was somewhat unsubtle, ‘an amazingly high proportion of beards.’  is code for Jews and probably Orthodox Jews.  In addition they surrounded a Negro president they had put in office.  So, seventy years after war’s end Jews had succeeded in displacing ‘Nativists’ as presidential economic advisors and as president.  A major advance.

     How did the Jews achieve achieve this startling turn around?  By conning the American public into believing Jews are innately virtuous and ‘Nationalists’ are innately ‘haters.’  Obama follows their lead in labeling today’s dissenters ‘domestic terrorists.’  Will the American public get fooled again?  Oh, I think it unlikely they won’t.  No reason to be more critical this time.

     My point here is that when you’re called a hater, racist or domestic terrorist just point out that such labeling is the hall mark of a con man.  And that’s what the Jews and Obama are, con men playing the Long Con.  Is it legitimate to hate being conned?  Boy, I sure think so.  Why should you or I play the fool for dipshits like the above?  Is is racist or anti-Semitic to resent being played for a fool?  Who but a fool would think so?

     The Jews and Negroes are two alien cultures to our own whose operating method is the Long Con, the Big Cheat.  Bernie Madoff?  All those Orthodox Rabbies who stole additional billions from the taxpayers?  Obama who’s defrauded us of trillions and is going for trillions more?  The Jews of the Fed who have stolen tens of trillions?  Are we haters?  Not by a long shot.  But, I’m not going to play their fool either.  Con men belong in jail.

     So the next time you’re called a hater or racist just say you choose not to get conned again by criminals.  Confidence men deserve to be hated.  Their dupes and fools should be despised.  Take your pick.


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