Pt. 1: Obama, Birthers And Transparency

Obama, Birthers And Transparency


R.E. Prindle

The Manual

   Obama seems to have trouble delivering the transparency he promised.  He is not only opaque but devious and then he blames those he has deceived for the deception.  Let us recapitulate the situation leading to this birth certificate debacle.

     Obama, the Liberals, the Jews and his ‘people’ the Africans are all sanctimonious.  They see themselves as Justified Sinners, the Chosen, the Holy People, wrongdoing is never done by them but always confined to the other.  They see their opponents as The Great Unwashed, Human Garbage, ignoramuses, sub-human intelligences, acting only from perverse motives.  There can be no possible objection to their own actions.

     Obama has characterized his opponents as Domestic Terrorists, or, in short, criminals.  Therefore a dissenter like myself is classed as a Domestic Terrorist, a criminal.  This is bigotry.  Obama’s adherents follow his vituperative lead.  They are bigots.

      It is said by these bigots that objections to the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate are simply because he’s Black.  Well, Barack Obama was elected solely for the racist reason that he is Black and for that reason alone.  The goal was to make him our first Black president and the celebration at his election was that we finally had a Black president.

     Who were these people?  Obama’s mentors and chief proponents were the self-confessed domestic terrorists of the 60s and 70s Bomber Billy Ayers and his associate, Bernie Dohrn.  They, of course, were founders and leaders of the terrorist organization, the Weathermen, subsequently and now known as  The Weather Underground.

     Obama follows the Weather Underground agenda.  So, in that sense Obama is the leader of the most famous terrorist organization this country has ever produced.  The reason he calls his opponents terrorists is defensive, in retaliation for he and his fellow conspirators being actual terrorists.

     It is more than hypocritical that he, Ayers and Dohrn call for a more civil discourse.  By that is meant acquiescence to the Weather Underground agenda.

     Of course Obama denies more than a most casual acquaintance with Ayers and Dohrn who ‘just live in the neighborhood.’

     His whole presidential career is based on deception and stealth, so, as regards his birth ceritificate there is no reason to believe his word and a great deal of reason to dis-believe his integrity.

Part II follows


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