Pt. 3: Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Part III

Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson:

The Sedition Trial


R.E. Prindle

     After Pearl Harbor Jewish strategy turned to characterizing Old Line Americans as seditionists.  As always with the Jews sedition is not the offence, as I will show, but who the seditionists might be.

     On pp. 277-78 of Undercover the American Jewish Committee using the pseudonym of John Roy Carlson says: (all italics mine)

     Shortly after our  entry into the war, Robert Noble, Ellis Q. Jones and Herman D. Kissinger were arrested by F.B.I. agents for “alleged seditious utterance”, and a few weeks later were exonerated with the official statement “free speech as such ought not to be restricted.”  It was obvious that the Department of Justice had not yet formulated an official policy regarding sedition.

     Attorney General Biddle adopted the democratic view that “at this time every reasonable attempt should be made to maintain free speech and public safety, and that freedom of speech should be curtailed only when public safety is directly imperiled.”

     America’s enemies within took this as blanket permission to resume the work… But a few months later- when Attorney General Biddle cracked down on those who had abused the privilege  granted them under a Democracy- he was vilified bitterly, called a Jew, a Communist, a “tool of the internationalists.”

     So, after Biddle’s first statement which negated Jewish wishes they went to work on Biddle, or Roosevelt, to reverse the decision, arrest the ‘seditionists’ and actually imprison them awaiting trial.  The trial was opposed bitterly by Old Line Americans and allowed to fizzle by them in 1944.  The accused correctly identified the cause of the change in Biddle’s attitude.

     Compare now the activities of Jews during the Viet Nam war.  Not only were the Jews seditionary defeatists but their sedition was carried on in open defiance of the US government on a massive scale.  Scores of Hollywood defeatist anti-war movies were distributed.  Obstruction of the war effort was carried on in a massive scale as troop trains were blocked and munitions shipments interfered with jeopardizing the troops in the field.  Seditionists gave aid and comfort to the enemy by visiting them in Hanoi, posing on anti-aircraft weapons used to shoot down American planes.  The seditionists gleefully wore wedding bands or rings made from the metal of felled war planes.

     The difference is the earlier war was a Jewish war fought against the adversaries of Judaeo-Communism while the Viet Nam war was fought between American Democracy and Judaeo-Communist totalitarianism.  Of course, Jews were on the side of the Communists against America.

      Today, the Jews have placed their man in the White House.  As in 1940 he and his supporters are the ‘true Americans’ fighting for democracy while those of us who dissent from their totalitarian approach are styled ‘home grown terrorists.’   The consistency of Jewish strategy is immediately apparent.  Any opposition to their hopes and dreams is criminal while they style themselves as the  true advocates of Democracy or in Biblical terms the Chosen People.  Nothing has changed, whether we believe in it or not, over three thousand years.

     It is against Israeli law for an American to date a Jewish girl in Israel.

     Don’t you ever get the idea you’re being used?  I do.


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