Trump, De Niro And Birthers

Trump, De Niro And Birthers


R.E. Prindle

     It is good to see Hollywood actor Robert De Niro weighing in on the Obama missing birth certificate thing on behalf of Barry against Trump.  Facts, says Bobby, facts, none of these birthers have facts, they’re ingnoramuses, he says, spouting unsupported opinions.

     I hear ya, Bobby, but here is the central fact-  Where’s the birth certificate?  That’s the fact all we opinionated ignoramuses want to know- if it is a fact as you say that there is a birth certificate then why won’t you anti-birthers produce the fact.  The hard fact.

     C’mon, Bob, make us all look bad, produce the birth certificate.  Since you seem to be a Hollywood spokesperson for Barry just go to the man and say something like:  Barry, let’s put the matter to rest, show ’em what you’ve got.’

     See how easy it could be?  Just do it.


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