Judaism Vs. McCarthyism

Judaism Vs. McCarthyism


R.E. Prindle

     The post-WWII reaction against Communist subversion that began immediately after the war and pursued by the House Un-American Activites Committee, itself an invention of the Jews,  in the investigation of Communist infiltration of Hollywood with the resultant firing and blacklisting of Communists has been characterized as un-American.  It goes without saying that the characterization was made by the Judaeo-Communists.

     How un-American is blacklisting?

     As it turns out, that depends on who is doing the blacklisting.  Blacklisting itself is not an evil, what makes blacklisting evil depends on which side is giving and which side is receiving.  In the pre-war and war years the Judaeo-Communists succeeded in portraying themselves as true Americans (see Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America) while old line Americans, the DAR, Sons Of Liberty, etc. were cast as Fascists, Nationalist Fascists, Christian Fascists or just plain Fascists or, even Nazis.  It should be clear then that the line drawn in the sand was between Judaeo-Communists and the other.  Supported by FDR the Judaeo-Communists were in charge. The Nationalists were portrayed as totalitarians while the Judaeo-Communists were the Democracy.    So how does this work?

     Well, in 1938 an English photographer and stage designer, Cecil Beaton published, are you ready?, a cartoon that was interpreted to be anti-Semitic by Jews.  What did the Jews do in 1938?  They blacklisted Cecil Beaton.

     As recounted in The Unexpurgated Beaton, The Cecil Beaton Diaries As He Wrote Them 1970-80, p. 371:

     In 1938 Cecil was fired from Vogue, when a newspaper column picked up some minute writing that he had inserted in a drawing, which contained anti-Semitic material.  He did not work for a year and a half.  From time to time he was dropped from designing a stage or screen production, when someone recalled the incident.  “He was punished.”  said Irene Selznick, one of those attacked in the drawings.

     Cecil Beaton was “punished” by losing his livelihood and blacklisted for nothing more than a cartoon that certain Jews deemed ‘anti-Semitic.’  Whether a panel of disinterested people would have deemed it anti-Semitic is another matter, but the issue wasn’t put out to judgment.  Perhaps many did not see it as the Jews did.  Irene Selznick and her fellow Jews considered it proper to blacklist Beaton as ‘punishment.’  They obviously had control of the stage and screen businesses.

     Now, during the war and after the Jewish Rosenbergs as Soviet spies filched atomic secrets and gave them to the Soviets.  This jeopardized the physical and mental well-being of every American citizen while making it possible to destroy the American atomic monopoly as early as 1949.  Developing that bomb cost American tax payers billions of dollars that in effect were given away by the Rosenbergs, gratis.

      The United States arrested the Rosenbergs and gave them a fair trial, unlike what the Jews did to Beaton, with a Jewish judge, a Jewish prosecutor, and Jewish defenders.  As the trial was held in New York City, a Jewish stronghold, I’m sure the jury was Jewish too.  The Rosenbergs were found guilty, essentially by their own people, and ‘punished.’

     Cecil Beaton was found guilty and punished; the Rosenbergs were found guilty and punished.  While the Jews found their punishment of Beaton just, they found, as an afterthought, their own punishment of the Rosenbergs unjust and cast the blame on we ‘Fascists.’  While they found their own verdict which had no trial fair, they found the American justice system unfair in the case of their own Rosenbergs.

     They found blacklisting of primarily Jewish screen and stage people ‘un-American’ and undemocratic while they found their own identical treatment of Beaton just and apparently, very just.  Beaton wasn’t alone either.

     It was argued that there was no law against Communism; well, there was also no law against anti-Semitism.

     And so it goes.  Such a cardinal violation of ethics is only gotten away with because you permit it.  All you have to do is say: No.  Nonsense.  We won’t tolerate such hypocrisy.  Stop it!

     And if you don’t honor the hypocrisy, it ceases.


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