Barry And The White Folks

Barry Knows Who You Are

Barry And The White Folks


R.E. Prindle

     I’ve been rereading Dreams From My Father to fathom Barry’s mindset a little further.  It seems superfluous to say that he hates White Folks and wants to humiliate them but I say it.

     A key scene in his book is when he has left Occidental College and come East ostensibly to attend Columbia University in 1982.  He takes rooms in Spanish Harlem then connects up with someone as a roommate with a Moslem sounding name.  There is no indication of where he’s getting the money to pay his bills.  Then in 1983 his mother and sister come to see him.  The movie Black Orpheus made in 1959 just before Stanley Ann met Barack Sr. was playing in a theatre.  His mother who had seen the movie in 1959 suggested that she see it again.

     I probably saw the movie in 1960 and was as repelled by it for the same reason Barry was.  Made by a French director the movie portrays Brazilian Negroes as sort of man-monkeys, primitive and ridiculous but uninhibeted and ‘natural.’  Basically a Liberal conception of the Negro.  Barry looked over at his mother who was viewing with rapt attention at who Barry realized was her conception of his father; a part man-monkey who, one imagines, she thought was sexually unihibited and with whom she could let go in a way she never could with a White man without surrendering any self-image.  Her man-monkey would always be beneath her.  This attitude may have contributed to Barry Sr.  leaving her behind.

     Barry intuited, if he hadn’t known before, that this was the way Whites in general viewed the Negro and no matter what they said Negroes would always be sexually uninhibeted man-monkeys to them.  Something to humor to their faces and laugh at behind their backs.  This idea embittered him and made him hate his mother on the spot.

     Now, the Negro in general has no conception of how White People think because they don’t live among them, but Barry sort of like a Negro spy had  been raised among White Folk and he paints an odd picture of them that is probably as malicious as true.  His Gramps, for instance, sunk in abject failure that Barry obviously finds satisfying, rejects White people to hang out with Black Folk becoming essentially Black in outlook.  The story doesn’t quite ring true although it may be.

     So, as an outsider observing White Folks from the inside he learned how White Folks think and something of their hopes and fears.

     Thus, with an overriding hatred and a desire to humiliate them as he felt he himself had been humiliated as well as his fellow Negroes with whom he identifies completely, Barry was selected as a man-monkey by Bill Ayers, Bernie Dohrn and the their Weather Underground associates to be the Black Face of America.

     Barry was literally carried on their shoulders to the Presidency.  Meanwhile his past remains completely occluded except for the most general details of Dreams and he is determined to keep his real past concealed.  Barry will undoubtedly be re-elected because he is the Magic Negro, Melanin King,  the whatever it is that Liberals see in the portrayal of Negroes in Black Orpheus; a sort of primitive essence almost bred out of themselves by evolution and civilization.  Barry represents a return to the jungle that lurks in White Folks souls. I think he knows this and obviously knows how to exploit it.


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