Israel, Jonathan Pollard And States Rights

Israel, Jonathan Pollard And States Rights


R.E. Prindle

Rev. Yona Metzger

     The news from our quasi-51st State, the one with the special relations, Israel, is that our fellow citizens led by a rogue religious figure who doesn’t know the difference between a secular and religious Nation, and Governor Netanyahoo, once again confusing separation of church, or rather synagogue in this case, and State are demanding special consideration over the fifty older States, outremer.

     Rabbi Metzger and Governor Netanyahoo are demanding that a felon convicted in Federal Court be released for religious reasons.  Pollard is a Jew, while religion doesn’t come into consideration under the Constitution.  While our fellow citizens, over there, are used to wagging the dog and making the rest of us jump through the hoop when they demand it, I think, those high handed attitudes are due for a change.

     Let me remind this Rabbi Metzger that as a cleric he should shut his mouth and tend his flock.  As for Governor Netanyahoo, while we respect his opinion he should remember that he is only one of fifty-one and if he wishes to wag the dog he should go the end of the line.

     This preacher Metzger and Gov. Netanyahoo are demanding that this felon, Jonathan Pollard, be released or they will somehow disrupt the 2012 election depriving Barry Obama of a second term.  While I do think Barry should be deprived of a second term or even having his first rescinded, but for different reasons, I don’t believe a little tiny quasi-State like Israel should have a bigger voice than, say, Alaska, Texas or California.  Is Israel even as big as Rhode Island?  Can’t you spit across it?

     My advice to Metzger, Gov. Netanyahoo and the State of Israel is get in place at the end of the line and stay there.  Wag away and be friendly.

Gov. Netanyahu Demonstrating What He Will Do If He Doesn't Get His Way


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