Budgets And Nonsense

Budgets And Nonsense


R.E. Prindle

     The problem with the budget has nothing to do with personalities, it has to do with two different conceptions of ‘social justice.’

     On the one hand the collective socialist and racial economics of the Weather Underground and its figurehead, Obama, and the economics of production of the opposition.

     The first illusion to rid oneself of is that one dime of the National Debt will ever be repaid.  It won’t.  If anything we are in a post-monetary economy, commerce is functioning on faith and faith alone or at least in combination with refusal to admit the facts.  That being so, the problem is shall wealth be distributed so that non-producers receive equal wealth as well as the producers?  The Weathermen say that ‘social justice’ requires that those who won’t or can’t prepare themselves to be in the position of producers should be in the same position of those who will and can.

     This economics or social problem is compounded by race or species as history has demonstrated that those who can are White and those who can’t are not.  It should be noted that all peoples started from the same base.   Everyone at one time was stone aged.  That was equality.  Any advance or differentiation above that level has been the achievement of the more successful based on their superior abilities.

     Thus, what the non-White peoples of the world call White Skin Privilege is an evolutionary superior level of intelligence that leads to a better organization of society.  This is proven because the whole colored world wishes to emulate it.  There is no way for non-Whites ( I include the Semites) to overcome this evolutionary disadvantage so they wish to destroy the evidence of their inferiority by eliminating Whites ‘by any means necessary.’


     It doesn’t matter what rhetoric or verbiage you use to disguise the problem, innate White superiority is the problem.  If you can’t look at Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil and Detroit and understand that then nothing more can be said.  One can contrast Zimbabwe and South Africa before White displacement and African replacement to see the difference clearly. But if you won’t see it, you won’t.

     This racial or species difference may be regrettable or inconvenient but it is an inescapable reality.

     Obama is on the side of Africa and Detroit, that is the end result he is after.  How he achieves it is only relevant to the steps necessary to defeat it.

     One either accepts this cruel and harsh reality and acts accordingly or one becomes a memory discussed with awe as the world sinks back into ignorance and sloth.  Obama said he was going to give you change, he has.  Recognize it.


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