Sex And The Democratic Party

Sex And The Democratic Party


R.E. Prindle

We notice that the Left which is to say the Democratic Party otherwise known as the Pederast Party has taken alarm because Donald Trump may announce himself as a Presidential candidate in June.  They fear for the future of their ‘Boy.’    Their response is to threaten to expose Donald Trump’s sexuality thereby killing his chances for election.  Such hypocrisy does make one smile while encouraging one to support Trump in spite.

This is a curious response from the Party that wishes to teach kindergarten  boys pederasty while denouncing chastity in any girl over eight or perhaps younger.  This is the party that wishes to distribute  condoms to grade schoolers.

Yea, verily, the Pederast Party, oops, I meant Democratic Party whose members are so obsessed with sex that they are heavily financed by the pornography industry.  Oh yes, true, so true, please! don’t try to deny it.  Many of the Party’s heaviest contributors come from the only place on the planet that has made pornography a legal industry.  Yes, I’m talking about sex drenched, sex obsessed Hollywood.  The moguls had a twenty mile area surrounding their haven of Hollywood made the only place, certainly in the United States, where pornography is legal.

Now Hollywood with their obligatory fuck scene in nearly every movie are completely within the law.  The huge profits from this porn industry are funneled into Democratic Party coffers while the porn stars themselves stump for Democratic candidates.  In return for the money the Democrats foster laws for looser sexual morality such as educating five year old boys in rectal sex while their hand picked president, Barry Obama, has unilaterally declared the military a homosexual haven.  No debate, no law, no nothing but Barry’s order to do it.   And the Generals jumped to do it.  Think about that.

Congratulations on your successful campaign boys and girls.

At the same time many if not most Democratic politicians and Washington employees are veterans of the New York City club scene with all that implies.  Fisting, you know, the whole works.  A little S&M here and there.

These are the people who are going to expose Donald Trump’s sexuality!  Oh Libertines, Libertines, think twice before you act., I implore you.  Remember, we’re waiting for you with one change you aren’t going to like.


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