Barry And The Bomber


Barry And The Bomber


R.E. Prindle


Barry's Mentor

    Now that Barry has declared his intention to run for re-election we can compare candidates of which he is only one of many.  This time he is not an unknown quality but will find it necessary to defend his pants.

     Among the candidates is the New York businessman, Donald Trump.  It has been suggested in certain Liberal quarters that Trump will find it necessary to defend his sexual history.

     This may be so but on the other hand so does Barry Obama.  He’ll be running naked this time so Liberals beware.  There are those who claim to have had homosexual relations with Barry.  These claims remain to be proved but are still open while not being improbable.

     More important are Barry’s sexual relations with his mentors Bomber Billy Ayers and Bernie Dohrn.  As I have declared before Barry is the Weather Underground president closely following their policies.  His association with the Bomber and Bernie is much closer than he is willing to let on.  Indeed, he lies about it.  Of course, Barry has never been close to former pastors and business associates as he tells it so there is no reason he should be close to his political mentors.

     Now, Bernardine was one of the most famous sluts of the underground, spreading her lower limbs for all.  She and her female associates used screwing as a political tool.  The WU’s counsel, Bill Kunstler can and does attest to that.  The Bomber’s great love, Diana Oughten took on legions of  ‘minority’ men giving what she considered charity humps for those lacking White Skin Privilege.  Many of the Movement girls went down to Cuba and humped whole battalions for Freedom.

     I cannot believe that in Barry’s relationship with the Bomber and Bernie he and a hot mama like Michelle didn’t do a little square dancing, menage a quatre or whatever you want to call it.  I think Barry and the Bomber have a little sexual confessing to do.  There is no reason to think in these sexually liberated times that the two of them didn’t make it.  The Bomber does that sort of thing, we know that.

     I, for one, certainly would like to be titillated by the sexual escapades of a billionnaire celebrity but even moreso by those of the first Negro president of the United States, himself something a mad bomber.  Must have picked that habit up from Billy the Bomber.

     I say that if the Liberals want to get it on then let’s get at it.  No free rides (wink, wink) for Barry this time.  We’ve got him in the crosshairs.  Oh boy, this is change we can believe in.


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