Pt. 2: Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson


Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Part II


R.E. Prindle

     The Reds and Jews learned a great deal from the Great War under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson.  The next time they would be better prepared and organized.  The next time came twelve years later.  In 1940 they were much better prepared to manhandle dissidents like Ford.  I haven’t seen anyone notice it but WWII turned the US into a collectivist camp not too different from the Soviet Union.  As Bernard Baruch remarked after the Great War if it had lasted a little longer they would have collectivized the US as thoroughly as they had the railroads.   Individualism would have been at an end.  It took a little bit of a struggle to get the railroads back in private hands after the War.

     Industrialists who had resisted collectivization were murdered after the War.  I mention the Dodge brothers who were killed and the attempt made on the life of Henry Ford himself.

     Now, in 1942 they have collected the means of manufacturing and distribution into government hands with all production being war production, cost plus 10 contracts, they were in a position to assign profitability to their favorites.  Ford was not one, his individual enterprise was not needed.  The US was one big Soviet.

     Thus he was given the odd jobs.  As a master of production he was given the job of mass producing airplanes.  This had never been done  before and for technical reasons was difficult to do while it would require massive investment that would have no value after the war.  A stone financial loss.  Ford did succeed in mass producing planes at his purpose built plant in Ypsilanti.  Nevertheless denied the right to exercize his capabilities FDR and the Jews were able to reduce him to near penury when the collective straight jacket was removed when the War ended.

     Ford had remained defiant under Washington’s attack.  While one can’t be sure  why Carlson was placed at Ford it may very well have been to discover how badly Washington  policies were hurting him.  He certainly was not in collusion with the Nazis.  Anyone would have been insane to even imagine such a thing.   Get Philip Roth to write a fantasy about that. As Carlson was a Jewish agent and not a US operative he was obviously reporting directly to the American Jewish Committee bypassing the US government.

     With the outbreak of the War the AJC began to push to have a huge sedition trial in which the imagined seditionists  were all loyal American patriots such as Ford.  Thus in 1943 as Jews were being led into the ovens in European extermination camps American Jews were attempting to eliminate the vocal opposition to Communist/Jewish efforts to permanently collectivize America under a Communist and Jewish banner.  There is a certain irony there.

     The Great Sedition trial which was strictly a Jewish effort met a quiet but not open resistance and in the pressure of the War interest was allowed to lapse.  FDR did take the US a long way down the road to collectivization.

     In 1946 John Roy Carlson was listed as the putative author of the AJC publication The Plotters which identified the post-war targets, such as radio announcer Upton Close, for eliminaton.  The whole list was discredited  and destroyed.   Martin Dies now the former HUAC head was brutalized until he dropped out of politics.  One laughs at the Jews for complaining about the McCarthy reaction.  Gosh, who could have anticipated retaliation?

     Over the succeeding half-century plus the Jews  were able to crush any opposition to their goals while pulling out such outrageous stunts as the Berkeley so-called Free Speech Movement and the overt sedition they practiced during the Viet Nam war.  It’s only a crime a when the other guy is doing it.

     It is only now with the internet, Fox News and the radio announcers, molded somewhat in the image of Upton Close, that any attempt to resist Jewish machinations  has succeeded for as long as it has.  The war goes on.

     Henry Ford may yet be avenged.   Viva Henry Ford!  Viva Fordism!


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