Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson Pt. I


Henry Ford And John Roy Carlson

Part One


R.E. Prindle


Fantastic But Interesting Reading

   To put the post-1933 political situation in perspective as it applies to Henry Ford:  Just as the Great War marked a change in human consciousness inaugurating the Communist era of the twenties through 1953 and the death of Stalin so the election of Hitler in Germany and FDR in the US in 1933 changed the political consciousness.

     FDR was the political continuation of Woodrow Wilson, thus his  administration can be thought of as the Roosevelt/Wilson administration, a definite shade of Red.  With FDR came all the Jews who had characterized the Wilson years.  In other words, Ford’s enemies were in a position to punish him for his Independent articles.

     With the advent of FDR the Jews began to agitate for a House Un-American Activities Committee under the guidance of the Stalin agent Congressman Samuel Dickstein.  Obviously unamerican meant so-called ‘anti-Semites’ like Ford and so-called Fascists, that is the Americans who wished to preserve the pre-1917 American ideals.  The Jews wished to arrest and imprison their ‘fellow’ Americans.  It took until 1938 to get Roosevelt to authorize HUAC, however when he did the chairmanship of HUAC escaped Dickstein, and one might say, Stalin, going to the Texas Congressman Martin Dies.  Dies was a good man who has been criminally slandered by the Liberal-Jewish-Communist combine.  Dies, of course, was more interested in combating Communist influence much to the displeasure of FDR and the Jews.

     Thus in 1939-40 the drum beating to take the US into the Jewish War with Hitler began.  The America First Committee was formed by American patriots in reaction.  America First may be compared to the Tea Party of today and was slandered accordingly.  Ford belonged to America First as well as the American hero, Charles Lindbergh.  In point of fact those most ardent for American entry in the Jewish war were FDR, the British and the Jews.  When Lindbergh announced this fact it set off a firestorm of denial led by the Jews.  Lindbergh was successfully discredited and stripped of any influence which led a half century later to the defamation published by novelist Philip Roth and his travesty The Plot Against America in which Jews were credited with establishing old American values while Lindbergh was a Nazi satrap as President of the US.  Roth is stupid.

     From 1933 on the American Jewish Committee’s Service Department, obviously modeled on Ford’s  carried on espionage work against America First, the Liberty Party advocates and Nazi agitators from Germany.  The Jewish underworld led by Meyer Lansky engaged in much hand to hand combat disrupting legal assemblies.

     Out of this espionage and gangsterism came an Armenian by the name of Avedis ‘Arthur’ Derounian who assumed the nom de guerre, John Roy Carlson for his subversive activities.  While it is not clear whether he was Jewish he is described in Jewish literature as  a philo-Semite.  This fact is very clear from his writing in which, for good reasons he sounds Jewish.

     He apparently took a job at Ford Motors during the War which he calls ‘infiltrating’ Ford’s organization and Ford calls hired.  From this and other experiences of Carlson and probably several operatives a book called Undercover was compiled and issued under the John Roy Carlson name in 1943.  That and another book was issued in 1946 under the John Roy Carlson name entitled The Plotters.

     It is certain that Carlson did not write The Plotters and is probable that he had little if anything to with with the composition of Undercover.  More likely is that a team of writers at the American Jewish Committee wrote the book up from the reports of various agents and those of Carlson.

     The purpose of Undercover was to attempt to prove the absolutely absurd claim that Ford was part of a Nazi conspiracy.  A nasty, filthy slander on the part of the American Jewish Committee.

Part II follows.


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