Conspiracy And Transparency

Conspiracy And Transparency


R.E. Prindle

He-e-e-r's Joe

Joe Hagan has an article in the 4/4/11 New York Magazine in which he derides someone called Alex Jones and conspiracy theorists.  Jones is apparently a radio and internet commentator who believes Glenn Beck purloined his ideas and show.  I don’t care, I never heard of the one and never pay attention to the other.  Hagan in his article ridicules the whole notion of conspiracy as though no one has ever conspired.

Hagan recapitulates a number of conspiracy theories he attributes to this Jones in his opening paragraph.  I quote:

A shadowy group of elites- mainly international bankers but also George W. Bush, Barack Obama, the Clintons, most of the mainstream media, the Saudi royal family, and Google is trying to enslave the Earth’s population through orchestrated terror attacks and revolutions,  vast economic manipulation, vaccines and flouride, and an ever widening system of surveillance that includes Facebook.

Hagan omitted Rock n’ Roll and Rap music from his compendium but there you have it.  Anyone who considers any of the above is according to Mr Hagan either insane or on the verge of it.  Mr. Hagan disbelieves in the very word conspiracy which must mean that he believes that, not being delusional himself,   conspiracy theorists are while in fact all is conducted in absolute transparency.  Let him produce evidence for that point of view.  We’re all waiting.

As evidence that conspiracy does exist let me offer the French Revolution or, better yet, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and the Bolsheviks.  Perhaps Mr. Hagan wishes to offer those two events as examples of bottomless transparency.  World history is replete with examples of conspiracy.  Conspiracy is a transparent fact.  It may be true that certain conspiracies never come to fruition which, I suppose, proves they never existed.  But, as Ralph Waldo Emerson once remarked the whole of society is a conspiracy against one’s manhood.  I believe that and it’s a transparent fact.

I challenge Mr. Hagan to give us an example of Obama’s promised transparency.  Perhaps he might offer Libya or Yemen, or US troops operating in the Ivory Coast or Uganda which seem to have gone underreported in the transparent mainstream media.

Mr Hagan mentions this Jones theory as though it wasn’t transparent.  Those conspiracies are transparent, perhaps millions of American have worked them out on their own; I know I have.  The rudiments have been apparent for fifty years when none but ‘nutters’ dared express them.  That old conspiracy theorist, Dwight David Eisenhower, warned us to watch out for the industrial-military complex.  We now know how deluded Ike was, don’t we?  John F. Kennedy, the Liberal hero, warned us of a conspiracy out to destroy our liberties.  Foolish man, as it turns out.

Aw c’mon Joe, c’mon little water boy, bring a little water here.  Jump down, spin around, that’s it, pick a bale of cotton, pick a bale a day.


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