Donald Trump For President?


Donald Trump For President?


R.E. Prindle


Mr. Prez?

    When I first heard the notion a couple years ago I laughed myself silly but after three years of a totally inept Ayers-Obama administration and a scan of the political horizon looking for likely prospects suddenly there standing alone is Donald Trump.

     It’s not that I’m enthusiastic.  All these politicians are turning out duds but as I look Trump is the only one out there that even approximates qualifications.

     He does have that world of experience completely lacking in Obama.  He has triumphed in some very difficult situations.  He went through a bankruptcy and survived intact so his experience in the country’s own continuing bankruptcy should be invaluable.  He’s the only candidate that would be remotely economically viable.

     As he says himself, he is a builder and a builder on a monumental scale.  As both a builder and a bankrupt he is a capable negotiator and should have a sense of the possible while ardently desiring to win rather than giving the courthouse away as our present excuse does.  I would trust him financially more than any other candidate.

     He’s already been a media star unlike Sarkozy and Obama so he may have that out of his system while at the same time being a celebrity.  If song and dance men can get elected why not Trump?

     I like the way he has stepped to the front and asked Obama to just show his birth certificate.  A rather daring declaration of integrity, I think, unless the really big boys are now willing to chuck Obama under the bus.

     He knows Wall Street but the question is can he stand up to the Jews?  As President of the United States can he put the President of Goldman Sachs in his place?  Or is he willing to?  Can he clear the Jews out of Treasury and address the Federal Reserve?  Is he capable of tackling the racial and immigration problem in any other way than telling Aryans to roll over and turn it up?

     Of course I wouldn’t recommend being any more transparent on the last issues than Obama has been.  His official policy has to be a vaguely Liberal love, peace and harmony.

     So as I say, I’m ambiguous as to Trump as a candidate but as I look around I see no one else standing.  Tentatively I would have to say the best bet.  But still a gamble.


2 comments on “Donald Trump For President?

  1. Though Donald Trump won’t be our very next President, he still may change his mind about having this job sometime in the distant future. Should we be worried? PRESIDENT DONALD J.TRUMP does’nt exactly have a bad ring to, but in his opinion, HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO WOULD WIN if he decided to run, and seems to think ONLY HE can make America as great as it once was.

  2. What does worry mean after Obama? It may be that Obama won’t voluntarily leave his job. Of course no one can predict what Trump will do or won’t do but he’s certainly lost my respect after his disgraceful performance last summer.

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