Barry Obama’s Wild Slide


Barry Obama’s Wild Slide


R.E. Prindle

So? You Gotta Problem?

     If the American people do not call Barry Obama to account right now then they deserve everything that is going to happen to them.  Obama’s locomotive has jumped the tracks, his engineer has abandoned the cab; you can’t be Black enough to get away with his outrageous behavior.  The American people do not back his criminal attack on Libya.

     We have a legally constituted government in Libya headed by Qaddafi that has a dissident minority to his administration demanding he step down.  Obama says that because of this small dissident minority Qaddafi must step down and he has bombed Qaddafi to make his point.

     In the United States Obama has a dissident majority calling for him to step down.  We don’t want him.  At all.  So, in a humanitarian gesture it would behoove Barry to step down lest the American majority rises up and advances on DC.  So, if Obama wants a Qaddafi popular in his own country to step down how much more so should Qaddafi ask an unpopular Obama to do the same.

     Obama isn’t thinking straight.  He’s no longer even talking straight. 

     Compare Libya to South Africa where a genocide is in progress against the White minority by the Black majority.  Does Obama have any difficulty with humanitarian concerns in South Africa?  No. Why?  Because that’s the kind of people we are?  Can it be because the Melanin content of the SA majority is similar to Obama’s own?  We should consider that.  Especially in the light of France.

     In France Barry’s crony Nick Sarkozy is seeking a law to compel Aryan women to bed with African Blacks.  In other words he want a legal enactment to enslave Aryan women.  This is not much different than Barry in the US.  He says Aryan enclaves are against reason and demands that Negroes be shipped into these areas to give them color.  Not even close to Constitutional and Barry is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar.  Is he crazy?  Melanin considerations again?

     At the same time Barry allows Mexicans to ethnically cleanse their enclaves not only of Aryans but also his own African Blacks.  US law says that housing rentals can’t be denied because of race yet he allows, nay, encourages, large swaths of Mexican areas to violate the law with impunity.  The same holds true of Blacks, Jews, Moslems and Asians.  A law that’s not enforced equally has no validity.  Aryans should ignore it too.  Ethnically cleanse our areas.

     I think the strain of the Presidency has been too much for Barry.  He is no longer capable of thinking things through and organizing a coherent plan.  We are calling on you to step down, Barry, before you cause a troublesom reaction.  Then it won’t matter whether you have a birth certificate or not.  You weren’t born; you were excreted.



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