Henry Ford And The New World Order


Henry Ford And The New World Order


R. E. Prindle


America's Greatest Traitor

   After the Communists seized Russia in 1917 they ran a nearly unobstructed course through the twenties until 1933 when the reaction crystalized.  First Mussolini secured Italy, then Italy, Germany and Franco defeated the Soviet led forces during the Spanish Civil War of the mid- to late thirties so that the Southwestern European flank was protected, then Germany and the Germans were seized by Wolf Hitler and the Nazis.

     The rise of Wolf Hitler and the Nazis brought matters to a head in 1933 while inadvertantly stiffening the opposition reaction worldwide  In the United States the Communists and Fellow Travelers joined to elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt thus cementing the US-Soviet relationship that resulted in the alliance of WWII.  In the US FDR set about empowering the Communist led union movement.  In 1935 he passed the Wagner Act that essentially tied one hand behind the back of Management and gave leaded gloves to union organizers.  Thus Walter Reuther and his brother showed up on Ford’s doorstep demanding the keys to River Rouge.

     Ford had fought gamely through the twenties while he was manhandled by the Soviets when his humanitarian gesture of building a tractor plant in Stalingrad had recoiled on him in the thirties.  He had found an admirer however in Wolf Hitler who apprently kept his portrait on his own office wall.  Wolf was later to give Henry an award that Henry, although he had no choice but to accept it would later regret it.  Humanitarianism can be so misinterpreted.

     The C.I.O or Congress of Industrial Organizations, a sort of successor to the IWW and its auto union, the UAW- United Auto Workers- under Walter Reuther, a cad if there ever was one, decided to revive the 1932 attempt on River Rouge in 1937.  Accordingly Reuther and his fellow UAW officers gathered for the Battle of the Overpass.  Led by Harry Bennett, Ford’s Service Department cut the union boys up pretty badly averting that disaster.  Ford won the battle but continued to lose the war.  His enemies of the twenties, the Jews, combined with his new enemies of the thirties, the Communists, who controlled the media and smeared his reputation even further with no opportunity to reply.  He was now depicted as anti-union, a sin of the magnitude of anti-Semitism in unionist eyes.  They of course thought they represented the ‘people’ or industrial workers  although the truth is workers didn’t want unions, and with good reason.  Even with FDR’s Wagner rules elections had to be manipulated against worker wishes to get a union in.  Almost all the elections were fraudulent.

     Thus poor old Henry and his ‘Fordism’  was castigated as an anti-Semite, anti-Communist, pro-Nazi and anti-union, all press favorites.  This was way too big a burden for one man to bear.  The Roosevelt Administration would punish Ford severely under cover of WWII so that as that war ended Ford Motors was on the edge of bankruptcy.  John Roy Carlson, remember that name.


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