Henry Ford And The Reds


Henry Ford And The Reds


R.E. Prindle


The Great Henry Ford

    Henry Ford realized his first major success in 1914.  Ford Motors was sitting on top of the world with fifty percent or more of the auto business of the United States when the Great War began.  The labor movement of the Reds was also taking shape.  Leaders of the pre-Communist Red world were the Wobblies, for short, The Industrial Workers Of The World in the long form.

     The IWW were a bunch of cranks and when they took on Henry Ford they took on a crank who thoroughly understood crankness.  They didn’t stand a chance.  The Wobblies always believed that Ford instituted the five dollar day to defuse them  Whether that was his full intent that was the result.  The Red IWW was disarmed.  Not that union agitation stopped but it was ineffective.  Why pay union dues for something given to you free.

    Now,  in 1917 the Red Revolution succeeded in Russia.  The nits that make up the Communist faction were now in charge of the Russian government pledging to make Russia an industrial power outstripping that of the Capitalists but being primarily gasbags they didn’t have a clue how to do it.  Didn’t even know where to start.  Where did they turn?  Why, of course, the master capitalist and production wizard, Henry Ford.  Looking at the Fordson tractor they said, ‘Say, those things could make Soviet agriculture hum.’  so they contracted with Ford for a few thousand tractors with the help of the Communist stooge, Armand Hammer, Jewish, of course.  And while you’re at it, they said, why don’t you build us a factory to make them.  We’ve got a nice site at Stalingrad.  Heard of that place?  And so Henry did.

    If you want to read an interesting story on this period, novel, try Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan The Invincible.

     Henry loaned them his architect who was the Jewish Albert Kahn while recommending him for further projects.  This supposed anti-Semitic Fascist by the ignorant forwarded the career and fortune of his Jewish architect.  You will find Ford discrimination against Jews nowhere in his history.  He disagreed with their project.

     As a reward for this aid to the Soviets during the so-called Hunger strike organized by the Communists in 1932, the real intent was to seize Ford’s River Rouge plant and destroy it.  As ‘the people’ although only a small minority of the population the Communists thought Ford had no right to resist their onslaught or defend his property.  They were disabused.  In freezing weather fire hoses where turned on the march while eventually the police were forced to fire on them killing a few and wounding others.  Some people can’t take a hint.

     The irony of the ‘hunger march’ was that in the same Soviet Union that had purchased Ford’s tractors and accepted Ford’s plant in Stalingrad grounded the tractors to create the largest man-made famine to that date, exceeded since in China by fellow Red, Chairman Mao.  And the Soviet made famine killed tens of millions.

     As the American Reds and their dupes were hunger marching on River Rouge millions of Russians were intentionally starved to death by Stalin’s willing executioners.  Of course American Reds of every stripe denied such a thing was happening.  And we’re supposed to believe that holocaust denial is something unusual.

     You may imagine the consternation with which the benevolent Henry Ford viewed these strange happenings.  Duped again.  Certainly he must have thought he ha been duped and then treacherously attacked by those he had befriended.  The accounts you read in college depict Ford as a rabid anti-Semite and anti-labor.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  By the time of the Crash in ’29 he had worked the daily wage up to eight dollars a day without union help or dues to which every other auto manufacturer in Detroit had to follow as well as most others of that then manufacturing powerhouse, Detroit.

     Ford’s main lament in the Great Depression was that he might not be able to sustain his eight dollar a day wage.  You wonder why the Reds castigate Ford so energetically?  It was because Fordism as they inadvertantly lauded Henry trumped Communism.  They did get the point though, didn’t they?

     The Reds can neither be trusted or believed.  Read Liberals as Reds.


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