Walker, Quddafi And Obama


Walker, Quddafi And Obama


R.E. Prindle

      One might ask what Muamar Quddafi, Governor Scott Walker and Barry Obama have in common?  It is quite simple, Qaddafi and Walker disregard Obama’s wishes.  They have to be foiled or removed.  What do Libyan ‘rebels’ and Wisconsin school teachers have in common?  They are in alignment with Obama’s wishes.  On the one hand Obama wishes to establish public employees in his US dominions and power base as his governing elite beholden to him and his bosses by their golden chains.  In Greil Marcus’  Weird Old America education and intelligence was the key to advancement.  Education and intelligence are discriminatory to persons of pigmentation.  Thus in Marcus’ Brave New America it is a spoils system where merit doesn’t count but pigmentation does.  It doesn’t matter whether you can do the job so long as you are pigmentally correct- the new PC.

     Qaddafi who put up an unexpected fight, apparently stands in the way of Obama’s rather audacious attempt to conquer and annex the Middle East to his Empire after which, I believe, the Moslems backed by the skill and ability of America’s White troops, officered by the highly pigmented, combined with the Arabs will settle the Israeli’s hash.  That’s my impression, a combined dictatorship of the US, the Middle East and finally Europe led by by Nick Sarkozy’s colored French area with Africans as a dependency.  What would happen in the Far East is open to question.

     Will Obama succeed?  Undoubtedly by using his magic pigmentation he will have no resistance in the US or Europe with little or none in the Middle East where he will appoint satraps ruled from Washington unless he moves his capitol further East.  However Barry’s magic pigmentation is invisible to one group- his fellow African Americans.  It is said that they are already unhappy with him while Louis Farrakhan, the second most powerful Negro in the US, has already warned him not to mess with Louis’ friend Qaddafi.  Barry has disregarded this warning.  Thus, there is a very good chance he will go the way of Malcolm X perhaps within the next six months.  Beware the Ides of October, Barry.  Pride goeth before the fall.


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