Nick Sarkozy And His Amazing Electrical Conspiracy


Nick Sarkozy And His Amazing Electrical Conspiracy


R.E. Prindle


Why so angry, Nick?

   How does the conspiracy work?  Nick took office in 2007 amid evidences of global jubilation.  That means the conspiracy’s man got the job.  What did Nicky do the first thing?  He sent invitations to global members to come to France to receive awards.

     From the US came Bob Dylan, Greil Marcus and David Lynch.  The roles of Dylan and Marcus are easy to figure.  Dylan’s global touring as a musician makes him an ideal courier and/or coordinator.  Marcus as head of the Situationist International and campus speaker means he fills both these roles also while he is close to Dylan as a music critic.  As a critic Marcus is the main cheer leader for Lynch’s crappy movies and TV series that tend to denigrate America, White Americans and American small town values not unlike Barack Obama who was elected President of the United States in 2008 and who also knows Dylan and Marcus. His election also was received with jubilation.

     Now, D.A. Pennebaker first gained notoriety filming Dylan’s 1966 tour of England so that links Pennebaker to the group.  He also recently filmed the French documentary The Kings Of Pastry that included a cameo of Pres. Nick paling it up with the pastry cooks in a show of Communist egalitarianism.  Incidentally Dylan’s ex Sara nee Shirley used to work for Pennebaker.

     Wikileaks has given us some idea of how the conspiracy forwards its agenda by revealing the role of the American embassy.  Rivkin the ambassador has a decidedly Jewish sounding name.  Probably as much as 70% of the staff is Jewish with the remainder being Communist/Liberals by whatever name they’re going by this week.  So the so-called American Embassy is actually an Israeli Embassy as all Jews are by default Israeli citizens

     So, as you can see with Dylan and Marcus being Jewish, I’m not sure of Lynch and Pennebaker enough Jews are involved to give Louis Celine the heebie-jeebies

     So, when Nicky says he’s seeking a law to forbid White women from mating with White men he’s backed up by a formidable global organization centered in Tel Aviv.  Take him seriously French men and women.

     The Soft Holocaust goes on.  If you don’t recognize the face of evil when you see it so much the worse for you.  Match a Hard Holocaust against a Soft H0locaust.


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