Nick Sarkozy, Deb Lipstadt, Hard And Soft Holocausts


Nick Sarkozy, Deb Lipstadt, Hard And Soft Holocausts


R.E. Prindle


Yes, you, Nick.

   Now that Nick has opened up the topic of Soft Holocausts it may be a good time to review the various Hard or Soft Holocausts in Europe from 1917 to the present and their perpetrators.

     While certainly Wolf Hitler heads the list of perpetrators, mainly on the strength that he exterminated Jews, let us not forget the Russian Revolution, the Hungarian atrocities and the Gulag System.  All of the above were either led by the Jews or they were the sole perpetrators.  Since Jews control the Western media, which they improbably deny, these crimes against humanity have either been buried or distorted beyond recognition to disengage Jews from guilt.

     Currently, following in the footsteps of the great Wolf Hitler as an exterminator is Nicky Sarkozy who is launching a Soft Holocaust against the White French while on the US front the Jewish Eichmann, the world famous Debbie Lipstadt, is releasing a book today (3/15/11) describing the illegal arrest and trial of the original German Eichmann.  I will begin reviews of Deb’s book as soon as it arrives.  I’ve read the intro on Tablet Ezine and it’s a humdinger.

     While the Jews deny invovement, naturally, in these earlier Hard and Soft Holocausts neither Debbie or Nick can deny the Soft Holocaust on the French nor their and their people’s role as perpetrators.  It is purely Jewish as was the Bela Kun and Tibor Shmuelly Hard Holocaust in Hungary in 1919.  In that light it is interesting that Nick is a Hungarian Jew.  Perhaps he is carrying on the ‘good’ work in France.

     The horrors Jews committed against the Russians after 1917 have been successfully squelched, was well as the Crimean Genocide the Jews perpetrated.  Another very Hard Holocaust.

     The gulags in which Jews commanded all but one are an example of the Soft Holocaust

Here's Looking At You, Deb

although its chief perpetrator Uncle Joe Stalin was indiscriminate about who he sent to the Gulags.  But Jews always collaborated with Uncle Joe.

     And then of course there’s Wolf’s Hard Holocaust of which Eichmann was an executioner not unlike Debbie Lipstadt.  Both German names, hmmm.

      Dave Irving sends his regards, Deb.  I’ll get into this more in the coming weeks


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