Nick Sarkozy Among The Pastry Chefs


Nick Sarkozy Among The Pastry Chefs


R.E. Prindle


     As I said in Nicky Sarkozy Shakes Hands With Adolf Hitler I watched this movie The Kings Of Pastry in which Nick put in a cameo appearance as an egalitrarian French brain worker mixing it up with what the translators called ‘hand’ workers although I suppose that meant what we would call manual laborers.

     Manual laborers are unskilled workers.  Strangely Nick chose to appear among members of one of the most skilled, highly intelligent, most artistic ‘manual workers’, the MOF, or pastry chefs of France  Not only did they make Nick look like a duffer of brain workers compared to themselves but they combined intensely brainy technical skills with the highest art.  They got paid a lot less for it than Nicky too.

     Not only did these pastry chefs have to be virtual chemists as well as artists but they placed themselves the most grueling tests to weed out not only none but the finest but the least lucky too.  To pass the test one had to design an elaborate confectionary sculpture to a wedding cake.

     Fragile beyond belief the aspirant to the special MOF collar had to drive the sculpture to a site and then hand carry this twenty or thirty pound delicate sculpture into the facility and set it on a table before it was placed on the cake.  The inability to complete this final act requiring strength, concentration and determination eliminated an amazing number of aspirants.

     These guys were exacting.  If Nicky thought he was an equal of these guys, whose tests were designed to prove inequality, in intelligence and amazing skills as a ‘brain worker’ he was mistaken.  Nicky could never be the equal of these guys. Nor did these ‘manual laborers’ wish to demonstrate their equality within their skill, they were demonstrating superiority, hence the title of the movie The Kings Of Pastry.  Rather than condescending to be equal with them their superiority to him was beyond belief.

     Better luck next time Nicky Sarkozy.


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