Lincoln Brigades, Moslems, Liberals And Freedom Fighters


Talk Is Cheap


R.E. Prindle


     In response to the above linked essay of mine a reader sent a batch of weblinks that he thinks, speak more eloquently than he can.  I don’t know the sequence of the links so they are hard to correlate.

     In this Matthew Cassel, the author writes:

     It’s been about two weeks since the Egyptians uprising began.  I type these words sitting in my my dirtied and blood-soaked jeans, as I have no change of clothes.


     Well, bully, that’s as it should be.  If you truly believe in Egyptian ‘freedom’ you should put your life on the line.  Of course, Matthew doesn’t say whose blood his jeans are soaked with but presumably not his nor does he offer to tell how he managed to soak his jeans in blood.  And then we have the brave Tunisian and Libyan rebellions  It is of no concern of mine what the political conditions are in those countries.  Whatever freedoms those people are supposedly fighting for are fast disappearing here.  Writers of my persuasion have been defined as ‘domestic terrorists’ by the US Government.  I fully expect street violence equaling that of the Moslem streets in our own within months or a year.  So you know that I am for ‘freedom.’

     It’s just that I wonder why these Moslems who are undermining freedom in Europe and America appeal to these same destested White countries for physical and material aid in their war on other Moslems.  While Moslems are burning France down Moslems appeal to France for aid.  Strange isn’t it?

     Whatever happened to all that camaraderie that existed in the Spanish war of the thirties?  Communists from all over the world ran to join the fray.  America had its Lincoln Brigades of idealistic young Reds

     There are now tens of millions of idealistic young Moslems living in Europe and the Americas, Arab and otherwise.  That’s enough to form several divisions to send back to glorious Moslemia to do their own fighting.  Let Moslems kill Moslems.  If they think they need White men to fight shoulder to shoulder with them why form a couple Lincoln Brigades from their White Liberal allies.  Those White Liberals are eager to show their dedication, or so they say.  Hey fellas, talk is cheap, up and at ’em.

     Instead these effete Moslem and Liberal twits want Conservative Whites to do their fighting for them.

      Check out these old paunchy bald White dudes of the Kentucky National Guard.  Now the NGs are not the Army; these men were trained to defend their own turf and not engage in foreign adventures.  Hear Maj. Gen. Edward W. Tonini of the KNG speak:

     Tonini expressed his appreciation and pride to his leaders for last year’s deployments to Dominican Republic, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, Ecuador, Germany and Japan.

     That’s an NG outfit not the Army yet in one year they served in nine foreign countries.  These guys must wonder who, what and where they are.

     I suppose their next stop is Egypt or Libya to help Moslem ‘freedom’ fighters.  Up that.  Moslems for Moslemia.  Let’s get some of these big bad domestic Moslem terrorists organized into divisions and send them to Egypt and Libya to do their own fighting.  Oh, they can be officered by Liberals






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