Mel Gibson, John Galliano And Loose Lips

Mel Gibson, John Galliano And Loose Lips


R.E. Prindle

Fashionista John

This John Galliano brouhaha in France is just getting embarrassing.  I mean, c’mon people, what constitutes anii-Semitism, as if anyone cares?  I mean, is anti-Semitism serious, frivolous or just an excuse for someone to destroy someone else’s reputation while completely ruining his life.  Giving him a criminal record, for Christ’s sake.    I mean, people, I’m almost embarrassed to be part of this so-called civilization.

Good gosh, let’s take Mel Gibson for instance.  A drunk to be sure, and since I quit drinking I can condemn drinking heartily.  As you know though, Mel, I hope I’m not being overly familiar,  made this movie about Jesus the Christ.  Now, everybody knows making Jesus movies if forbidden in Hollywood which prefers Moses movies, so Mel’s movie not only doesn’t fail but moves him up into billionnaire status.  So then the Jews want to get him, hurt him bad.

Alright.  Mel is driving under the influence, and pretty far under too, we are told, so a cop stops him, perhaps for driving as Mel Gibson.   The cop, then, for whatever irrelevant reason, that is, unrelated to driving while under the influence, writes on his citation that Mel said that Jews are responsible for all the wars.  This is a question of fact- true or false?  Where’s the anti-Semitism?  Where does anti-Semitism come in and if it does where’s the harm?  If it was said the only guy who heard him was the cop.  This citation got filed, one of ten thousand or so, and the next thing we hear is someone retrieved the ticket and actually read it in detail.  This person was so astonished at what the cop wrote that Mel said that he turned a copy over the ADL or some other ‘responsible’ agency.  Strange enough don’t you think?  So then this innocuous statement heard only by the cop at three o’ clock in the morning becomes a cause celebre and the Jews demand that no one ever go see one of Mel’s movies again.  And they don’t let up.  So obviously anti-Semitism is not serious but merely a tool to try to destroy someone.

Now, let us move on to John Galliano, the world’s worst dresser.  I don’t know how this guy got a fashion job.  John was sitting in a restaurant and gratuitously, without provocation we are led to believe, made anti-Semitic remarks to a patron he didn’t know sitting at a nearby table.  Sounds reasonble doesn’t it?  John is a very peculiar looking fellow, dressing very badly, so it is possible the woman, a Ms. Bloch, may have made a loud derogatory remark perhaps referring to John’s sexuality, but I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure.  The accusation then was merely Ms. Bloch’s assertion, only that and nothing more.  The only witness says that Galliano said nothing anti-Semitic.  Later reports indicate that Geraldine Bloch said that John said that she had an ‘ugly Jewish face’.  This may be a matter of fact or a statement of opinion, we don’t know, or at least I don’t, as no picture of Ms. Bloch has been forthcoming.   Let me say though that a face can be both ugly and Jewish.  Perhaps Ms. Bloch’s vanity was insulted and Mr. Galliano just said ugly face which is not actionable so Ms. Bloch, Gerry, inserted Jewish so as to file legal charges at John which at 6 mos. imprisonment and a $25,000 fine is nothing to sneeze at for maybe saying Jewish or maybe not.  It’s going to cost him a fortune to defend himself in court too.  Gerry sure knows how to hurt a guy.  John, I don’t care how ugly they are keep it to yourself.  It would have been safer to merely belch in Gerry’s face.

But, like all these things, it doesn’t stop there.  It turns out that Dior fir whom John is chief couturier is financing John’s couture line that just happens to be losing money.  So, Dior promptly fired John, their leading designer since the nineties, after this unproven accusation was made.  I presume that at this point, then, John’s contract with Dior is null and void as John has been brought up on a moral’s charge.

So, c’mon now, how serious is anti-Semitism?  It’s just a tool to injure people.  I mean, you don’t need proof.  Everyone should accuse everyone else of an anti-Semitic slur and flood the courts with zillions of cases.  That would be fun to watch, wouldn’t it, people?  Then Ms. Portman could be really proud as punch that she’s Jewish.


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