AG Holder Revises The Law


AG Holder Revises The Law


R.E. Prindle

     AG Holder’s statements in the above linked article clearly indicates the direction in which the Ayres-Obama-Holder administration is going to treat race relations.  The notion is that the concept of law has to be revised in the interests of ‘reparations’ to compensate Negroes for past slavery even though no living Negroe as ever experienced slavery.  In other words the Ayers-Obama-Holder administration is going to use the law for purposes of vengeance.

     One can’t deny slavery, a world wide scourge involving all races that I’m not going to get into here, sufrice it to say that Africans kidnapped and enslaved Whites at the same time Negroes were enslaved in the West.  Slavery is merely a historical fact that has no bearing on present applications of the law.

     The past is always tragic but once done is over.  I shouldn’t have to point out to AG Holder the egregious wrongs that are being done to Whites by ‘his people’.  His people owe Whites a lot more than they are owed.

     Any unjust treatment of Whites who have already suffered egregious wrong from Negroes both here and abroad can only result in just retribution.  The ‘social justice’ we hear so much about.  AG Holder may believe ‘his people’ were mistreated in the past but he has no such claims on White society nor do ‘his people’ who have already extorted enormous reparations from White society already.

     Ohio State and Miami of Ohio, as well as numerous other colleges, already give preferences to Negroes over Whites.  Obama’s cabinet and appointees show a decided preference for non-Whites.  How long does the Ayers-Obama-Holder administration expect us to put up with this?

     Not very.

     The Ayers-Obama administration has already demonstrated either its incompetence or its determined intent to disenfranchise Whites.  Perhaps it intends to deny White competence on the grounds of ‘White Skin Privilege.’

     Perhaps the Ayers-Obama administration should reread the story of The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg and discover the difference between White Skin Privilege and ingrained Negro incompetence.


2 comments on “AG Holder Revises The Law

  1. Dear Sir or Madam:

    I could hardly disagree with you more. I notice your site is sponsored by an ad for stylish bathroom mirrors. Perhaps you’ve been
    lip-synching Limbaugh in the bathroom too often and long. Do you actually have any friends…outside of your own narrow demographic?

    I may pray for you to have your moment on the “Road to Damascus,”
    just in case you are a Christian.

  2. Leslie: Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You honor me. I find your effusions entertaining. Your Sir or Madam seems superfluous as you can see by the accompanying photo that I am a resident alien. My preliminary report on you Earthlings is already overdue. You can be sure that it will be highly critical. We’re putting you Earthlings on Red Alert. We would make Earth a no fly zone but from appearances your man, Obama, is dismantling your space program. Not a moment too soon.

    I know nothing about any ads. Yours is the first notice. I have none on my side nor have I been contacted to allow them. I may be missing out on some revenues. I could get some samples of your funny money and send it back.

    As far as Rush Limbaugh your paranoia is showing. I don’t know that I’ve ever listened to Limbaugh although I did watch his ill-fated TV program a few times. Limbaugh must read my avant garde stuff and learn from me if there’s any similarity.

    You are spot on about the narrow demographic. I do have a few friends, no desire for more, but I’m much too busy studying and writing to entertain an extensive social life. You should visit my I, Dynamo site on WordPress. I presume you’re the belle or beau of the ball?

    Finally, not a Christian. I choose to resemble Charles Martell rather than Paul. You don’t want to get into that revert Paul.

    At any rate, disagree if you like but check out Sarkozy’s recent statements and observe the direction France is consciously taking. It not only can happen here, it has.


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