AG Holder And His ‘People’

A.G. Holder And His ‘People’


R.E. Prindle

Shoes and Glasses

AG Holder our much esteemed Attorney General enforces the law on a comparative basis.  While he endorses ‘cold cases’ sixty or seventy years old against White people for protecting their rights ‘though it might somehow be wrong’ absolutely refuses to enforce the law against his ‘people’ for similar offenses.  On the one hand for voter intimidation of Whites by Blacks in Philadelphia and on the other his refusal to enforce the prosecution of murders of Whites by Blacks and Black on White crime in general.  As he says he doesn’t think there is ‘overwhelming evidence’ to demonstrate such facts.  I don’t now what AG Holder considers ‘overwhelming evidence’ to be  but let us just say that there is ‘clear’ evidence.

As AG Holder is Black, let us assume that his ‘people’ are Africans or of African descent.  As a point of ‘demeaning’ fact, when the Africans stepped onto the stage of world history c. 1700 they were a stone age people, no reading, no writing, no arithmetic, no nothing.  When they were brought ashore in the American colonies they were pure savages.  There is no such thing as an African education.  There is no African alphabet.  Whatever education Africans have is either European or Semitic.  The African as such has ceased to exist.  He has been absorbed by either Europe or Asia.

How well is the African doing with his European or Semitic education?  Not very.  In South Africa, that is Africa south of the Congo, the hands of the White civilizers were tied behind their backs by their White Euroamerican ‘brothers’ to give the Africans a chance.  The Africans took that chance and showed what they had learned by killing or driving the Whites out, obliterating the civilization within a decade or two, returning to savagery, unable to feed themselves,  but now wearing Savile Row suits.

In South Africa proper today the Africans murder Whites by the score everyday while their ‘brothers and sisters’ not only just look on from America and Europe but applaud the bloodbath vigorously.

If AG Holder considers enforcing election laws n America demeaning what does he consider the murder of Whites?  ‘Social Justice?’  And if so does he consider the crimes of violence of his ‘people’ against Whites in America as ‘social justice,’ too?  Is he following the guidelines of our African president?

Obviously the dark heart of Africa was savage, is savage, and will be savage wherever the African lives.  One asks, was Kurtz right?


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