Henry Ford And ‘Jewish Rights’


Henry Ford And ‘Jewish Rights’


R.E. Prindle

     Henry Ford has been unfairly depicted as a rabid, deranged anti-Semite.  He is usually shown as a semi-lunatic who suddenly developed insane anti-Semitic attitudes after the Great War at the beginning of the 1920s.  The fact is that his attitude was defensive, provoked by the Jews.

     Beginning with Rosa Schwimmer and the Peace Ship fiasco of 1916 then through Bernard Baruch’s harassment from the War Industries Board under Woodrow Wilson to the Jewish bankers attempt to filch Ford Motors in 1919-20 Ford was under constant attack surviving only by true grit.

     Is it any wonder then that he took up his cudgels in 1920-21 buying the Dearborn Independent newspaper to debunk or expose Jewish anti-American activities.  He naturally divided Jews into two categories: ‘good’ Jews and ‘bad’ or international Jews, hence the title of the collected essays: The International Jew.

     In 1919 the American Jewish Committee, international Jews, sent a questionnaire to prominent Americans to test their sentiments toward Jews to classify them as either philo- or anti-Semitic.  This was in the form of a document they titled: The Jewish Bill Of Rights.  I have yet to see a copy but according to the writer,  Edgar Rice Burroughs’ understanding, one of the ‘rights’ called for the adoption of Yiddish as an official language beside English.  Burroughs questioned this and other ‘rights’ thereby marking himself as an anti-Semite in the eyes of the AJC and Jewry.

     I haven’t learned Ford’s initial reaction but the Dearborn Independent published three articles concerning ‘Jewish Rights’:  The Jewish  Demand For “Rights” In America, “Jewish Rights” Clash With American Rights and “Jewish Rights” To Put Studies Out Of School.  These articles were in the Independent from 3/5 to 3/19/21.  The articles were not written by Ford but by his editor William Cameron although reflecting Ford’s viewpoint.

     His interpretation of what Jews were openly and publicly demanding was essentially to make the US a Jewish theocratic State not unlike the Israel of today.  Jewish ‘rights’ as discussed by Cameron are essentially those the Jews are still pursuing at present, the demand to discontinue Christianity in all its forms and manifestations, most importantly Christmas, as offensive to Jewish sensibilities

     On the basis then of rejecting this outrageous demand to change the inclusive American culture to an exclusive Jewish culture, or ‘Jewish Rights’, Ford has been characterized as a violent anti-Semite and has been falsely so stigmatized.  Defamation of a most criminal order.

     It is time to correct this crime and reinstate Henry Ford as one of the greatest contributors to civilization.  ‘Jewish Rights’ should not include defamation because of a mere difference of opinion.   There is nothing sacred about the Jewish point of view.


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