An Open Letter To George Soros Concerning Glenn Beck


An Open Letter To George Soros Concerning Glenn Beck


R.E. Prindle

Dear George:

     Greetings and salutations to the premier financier of the whole world.

     George, given your exalted position as a multi-billionnaire financier I’m somewhat amazed by this feud you seem to be carrying on with the TV announcer Glenn Beck.  I can understand your duel with Rupert and Faux News.  From my point of view you’re both fighting to be king of the same turf although from two slightly different points of view.  So that makes sense to me and you have a chance of winning that one, although you have only  a website and he has a media empire.

     But Glenn Beck is just a TV announcer who comes across as a comedien and clown but apart from a moderately sized audience he has no real following.  I pay absolutely no attention to him while I follow you and Rupert warily because you both are not only capable of doing damage but you’re actually doing it.  You’re a fearsome duo.

     For you to attempt to compete with a TV professional, and I mean professional, like Beck by appearing on this guy Zacharia’s TV show, whose show is as offensive if not more so than Beck’s, as is his on air personality, self-defeating.  You are not a TV professional, George, and can only be trounced by Beck, who is.  You’re on the wrong playing field.  His audience is at least laughing along with him while you, pardon me for being blunt, George, but this is an honest critique, appear small and craven on screen.  You’re not aware of the TV image you’re projecting or that of Zacharia’s.

     For instance, George, you haven’t mastered the broad smile and horselaugh necessary to succeed.  The effect of your smile where you seem to smile only with the center of your mouth and not the edges makes a very distressing image.  And remember as TV performers you and Beck are equals except that he’s a much better performer.  You can’t win against him.  You’ve got to consider these aspects of being on TV, George.  For instance, you don’t complain or explain about your Hungarian activities during the war, one laughs heartily at the joke of Beck’s being off base and slightly askew, bear in mind I don’t say that he is, but that that should be your attitude.  ‘Ha, ha, ha…that GlennBeck, what will he come up with next?’  Like that.  But practice a broad open mouthed smile and a hearty laugh, get a convincing one down first.   And don’t be your own clown, George, get Debbie or Mark to do that for you.  You can always disown any impression they make.

     Marshall McLuhan, read his stuff, George.  And remember, don’t grumble, laugh out loud.


Your friend, if you want one,

R.E. Prindle


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