George Soros And The Force

George Soros And The Force


R.E. Prindle

Our Man George

George Soros should learn to keep his mouth shut.  During an interview by Fareed Zakaria on CNN, linked above, our esteemed financier said this:

Look, I think the people in the tea party are very decent people, hard working.  They have been hit be a force that they- that comes from somewhere which they can’t fully understand.

OK, George, since you apparently understand, let ‘us’ ask you what ‘force’ are you referring to, that hit them and since hou apparently know the ‘somewhere’ from whence this ‘force’ came, where did it come from?  Will you tell us or are you going to arrogantly refuse?

Who wields this ‘force’, George?  And what is their purpose, since you know and these stupid but decent people don’t.   They want to know.  You can help.  And then George goes on:

And they are being misled.  And they are misled by people who are using it for their selfish purposes, namely to remove regulations and reduce taxation.  So reduce taxation and regulation and they are being used and deceived.

Do I understand you George?  After you financiers looted the American people of a couple trillion in ‘stimulus’ money and lifting molto trillions from the Federal Reserve, you have the gall to say that no one a suspicion of what this ‘force’ that hit them that you refer to is?  You don’t think they know who this ‘we’ always referred to, is?  Well, ‘we’ do know, George.

Since you seem to be in the know why don’t you lay your cards on the table face up and tell us what’s going on.  Enlighten us.

‘We’ are waiting, George.



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