Did You Ever Think About That, George Soros?

Did You Ever Think About That, George?


R.E. Prindle


Understudy For Dracula?

In reading Greil Marcus’ Lipstick Traces in which Mr. Marcus traces an obscure subterranean threat of Jewish subversion of Western society one is recalled to Freud’s notions of unconscious motivations revealed in dreams, jokes and stories.  Our financier friend George Soros speaks of Tea Partiers being hit by a ‘force’ they don’t understand while George makes no attempt to identify or explain that force or its source.

Let me ask our friend George if he finds it a Freudian coincidence that the dominating post-Jewish Emancipation literary and movie theme has been that of the Vampire.  A la Mr. Marcus and his subterranean history may I suggest that the activities of post-emancipation Jewry may figure in the unconscious Euroamerican mind as vampirism?  May I suggest, without vile accusations of being anti-Semitic, that Jewry is unconsciously equated in the Euroamerican mind and expressed in its literature as the Prince of Vampires, Dracula?

Can it be a coincidence that Dracula is located in the homeland of the Baal Shem Tov who created the Hasidic sect?  Or that Rabbi Loew who created the Golem lived in Prague another Central European city; or that Bela Kun, a human vampire if there ever was one,  came from the same Hungary George does?  Did you ever think of that, George?

Here’s something else, George, in those secret, hidden wellsprings of humanity’s unconscious, Van Helsing, as the ultimate Vampire hunter tracked Dracula down making sure that a wooden stake was driven through the Vampire’s heart.

Now, this is subterranean speculation, George, so I’m not responsible, there was a real life historical figure who played the same role as Van Helsing in Bram Stoker’s novel, but with the Jews as Dracula.  Can you guess his name, George?  His name was Adolf Hitler.  Did you ever think about that, George?  Does that seem plausible?

As Freud understood, although I don’t know if he ever expressed it, all is suggestion and response.  Thus the post-emancipation activities of Jews suggested vampiric acts to Euroamerican unconsciouses.  As Freud said the unconscious is beyond our control and can’t be resisted.  What suggestions the mind accepts will be realized.  One has to be careful what one suggests, George.  Thus doesn’t Bram Stoker’s Dracula identify a problem suggested by Jews and isn’t it possible that Hitler’s solution to the problem was suggested by Van Helsing.  Therefore you and your Jews are not innocent victims.  Did you ever think about that, George?  Maybe you and your Jews were hit by a force you didn’t understand.  Did you ever think about that, George?


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