Wisconsin, SDS, JDL And The Weather Underground

Wisconsin, SDS, JDL And The Weather Underground


R.E. Prindle


The linked video of the demonstrators in Wisconsin in interesting.  The male figure is obviously a professional brought in from New York or somewhere, a trained coordinator.  But the women, if they are actual teachers are interesting because of their indoctrination.  One assumes that they attended college post-1980 or so thus they reflect the indoctrination they received at school.  Their minds have been conditioned to put everything into a Nazi/Jewish dichotomy regardless of facts.   What appears to me to be ridiculous is that they put a patently economic situation into a Nazi context and actually equate Wisconsin with a Nazi State.  One is terrified to think of the conditioning and indoctrination they are giving their young students.

The Jewish influence on campuses must be enormous now, even in the classrooms.  When I attended graduate school at UOregon in 1966-68 open Jewish indoctrination was kept out of the classrooms while Jewish thugs or enforcers threatened outside of class.  We were warned by implied threats of physical violence and the actual threaty of expulsion if we enquired into Jewish involvement in history- I was a history major.  Thus fully half of history was quarantined from investigation and that half made sense of historical developments.

Then in 1968 we were invaded by SDS/JDL/Weatherman revolutionary types from NYC who did employ physical violence to intimidate ‘free speech.’  I don’t know for sure how far Bob Dylan was involved with this so-called revolutionary movement but these Jewish types from NYC did actually build a fire on main street and shoot it full of holes.  It was real crazy.  Dylan at that time was accompanied by Jewish Defense League thugs as bodyguards.  Under Meir Kahane these loonies were bombing sites in NYC around and about.  And of course Bomber Billy Ayers named his criminal outfit the Weathermen after Dylan’s song.  Dylan was hanging with various revolutionary types during this whole period of the late sixties, the seventies and into the eighties.

SDS broke up in ’68 and all those NYC Jewish types melted away soon after.  But, if these rather naive sounding teacher types can actually say things like- First they come for the unions, then they come for the Jews… either they have a strong Jewish indoctrination from college or else they betray who is behind the Wisconsin demonstrations.  Could it be…George Soros?  Aw, shucks, no.  That would be a conspiracy, wouldn’t it?


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