Muscular Liberalism And Manifest Destiny

Muscular Liberalism And Manifest Destiny


R.E. Prindle


The political situation is heating up.  A wave of so-called popular movements is sweeping the Islamic world prompted by and agitated by  US/Israeli interests.  We are obviously moving into another phase of criminal revolution.  Having filled the Euroamerican nations with the flotsam and jetsam of the colored peoples Liberals in a statement meant to pacify and disarm Whites are now proclaiming via Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron, etc. that multi-culturalism has failed.  In other words the term like Diversity has outlived its use.  The next step calls for different terminology.

That first goal has been achieved is what Sarkozy means by ‘failed.’  Needless to say encouraging individual ethnic and religious identities has created a tense antagonistic racial situation.  This however could have been the only result of the program as Liberals knew before they began.   They understood what the result would be and embraced it as the first step.

And while multi-cultural invasions have begun Liberals know they have no way to stop the flow of peoples northward.  As Andy Warhol said:  I can start things but I can’t stop them.  They are going to keep coming.  Now Muscular Liberalism, using Cameron’s phrase, is to be employed to impose Moslemism as the State religion while forcing Whites to give up their racial identity.  One may expect ukases like no one may attend proms with a date of the same race, meaning White men and women have to date Negroes first and then whatever is left over.  Having conditioned White women to, essentially, fuck Negroes the resulting mixed race will be Black and hence Whiteness will effectively be removed from the Earth.  And, this may possibly be achieved within ten to twenty years.

Thus a version of Manifest Destiny will have been achieved.   The Unfinished Revolution begun with the American Civil War will have succeeded.

As Sarkozy says in proclaiming the  death of multi-culturalism:

If you come to France you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, (not White but national) and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France,  the right-wing (my italics) president said.

Sarkozy is not close to right-wing and Cameron is not a Conservative nor was George Bush.  Clinton, Bush, Blair, Obama, Cameron, Merkel etc.  all belong to the same club and conspire in the same clubhouse with their bosses.

So now having succeeded in introducing racial and religious diversity into Euroamerica they are going to employ ‘muscular liberalism’ to compel one religion (Moslemism), one people, (Mongrelism) and one world (whatever that means.)

Of course they admit the truth when they say the stated objectives of multi-culturalism have failed while they are unwilling to face the fact that the stated objection of national unity is false.  There is no way the population of the East- China, Japan, SE Asia, India, Indonesia and that of Africa are going to be affected by one iota.  Those populations are secure in their racial identities. The goal is the extermination of the Whites.

Unless Whites (excluding Liberals) are willing to take their destiny in their own hands as the Egyptians have done- riot for their rights, throw Liberal politicians out- then they acquiesce in their own murder.

The time to ‘Just Say No’ is slipping past.


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