The Enormity Of Detroit

The Enormity Of Detroit


R.E. Prindle

Here's To You.


Our time is a time of great change.  The question is not as Mr. Obama proposes:  Change That We can believe in, but change we can understand and approve. has a web site they title:  Creating A Just, Fair & Compassionate America.  They fail to define their terms.  What is a just and fair America?  Hasn’t it been as just and fair as a society gets for the last sixty years?  I thought so, but then perhaps I have been proven wrong although not in the manner the Jewish website would have it.

Let us consider Detroit and the Negro.  In the twenties and thirties when Negroes began their great migration North Detroit was a booming city with an unaparalleled industrial base.  The auto industry, the greatest industry the world has ever seen originated there and was centered there.  As the Negro displaced the White population there all that was necessary for them to show their mettle was to take created greatness and by their industry and expertise make it greater.  What did they do?  Their only skill was to make it wither and die until having placed a Negro as President of the United States he furnished the coup de grace to General Motors and Chrysler ending the pride of industrial America leaving bond and stock holders high and dry, liquidating billions of dollars in capital in one fell swoop.

Today the Negro has driven half Detroit’s population, White and Black, away leaving a shell, a wreck behind.  You may say, well, that was caused by Whites.  If so, you are sad and irresponsible.  Consider the Negro in Africa and the Americas.   Where has he created an admirable society?  Not in that incredible basket case of  Africa.  What he did in Detroit was merely practice for Zimbabwe and South Africa, for instance.  Brazil, perhaps?  No, that’s a mere criminal society.  The Caribbean?  Hm.  If Haiti is an example of Black achievement I don’t think there’s much to be said.

Apart from the incredible Negro failure in Detroit perhaps the Negro has created scintillating metropolises elsewhere in America.   Atlanta? Birmingham or Montgomery Alabama?  I suppress a smile.  Ah, Chicago?  No, all these are disasters in progress waiting for the other shoe to fall.

What is the key issue in the upcoming Chicago elections for instance?   Reparations.  Yes, reparations.  By reparations Negroes mean oodles of free money for something no living American Negro has ever known.  Slavery.  Was slavery new to the Negro?  Not at all.  In Africa as much as 75% of the population was enslaved to the other 25% and they weren’t any too tender about their welfare either.  Slavery was a natural condition.  In Africa slavery was the political system.  It was not until the Negro lived among Whites in America that the learned about freedom and found it desirable.  Freedom requires responsibility.  Responsibility is what the Negro lacks.  He wasn’t  willing to take the freedom Whites died in their hundreds of thousands to give him on a silver platter and do something with it.

No.  He believes Whites should now die in their tens of millions so that what?  He should be more free?  No, that the Negro should now take the Whites possessions and money.

What people is this Jewish Just, Fair and Compassionate America supposed to benefit?  All the people?  No.  Just Black people.  What does Just and Fair mean to the Jews and Blacks?  I refer you to Noel Ignatiev and Kamau Kambon.   They believe that White people be eliminated from the earth by any means necessary.   One wonders, do Blacks and Jews know what the words Just, Fair and Compassionate mean?    Look to Detroit, Zimbabwe and South Africa for that answer.


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