England Begins To Crack

Cracks In The Multi-Cultural Facade


R.E. Prindle



Europe needs to wake up to what is happening in our countries,’  (Prime Minister David Cameron) said.   ‘We have to get to the root of the problem.’



Prime Minister David Cameron

In a major break with previous Liberal policy Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted that the Liberal multi-cultural policies of the last fifty years were an egregious error.  He still doesn’t get it however.  He remarked:  ‘We have failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong.’

Well, yes and no.  The homosexual, pornographic society Liberals admire is repellent to more than just immigrants.  Many of us  White people feel the same way.  On the other hand when you import millions of a people who have a strong desire to continue in their beliefs and way of life you have created a recipe for conflict and disaster .  Mr. Cameron seems to be surprised at this on both counts.

He says:  ‘Europe needs to wake up to what is happening in our own countries.’  Mr. Cameron apparently segregates himself from reality or he would realize that a majority of his English constituency as well, I suspect of his non-English constituencies, have been aware of what has been going on in his own country for decades.  Yes, decades.  What could be more obvious?  We are forced to ask why haven’t Mr. Cameron and his fellow Liberals been aware of what everyone else has clearly seen?

Not to worry, Mr. Cameron and his fellows are ready to address the now recognized problem with ‘much more active, muscular liberalism.’  It is very difficult to understand exactly what Mr. Cameron means by his phrase, ‘muscular liberalism’.  Certainly his two predecessors as well as himself have been very active and muscular in supressing the dissent of his English constituents.  His Moslem constituents, for instance, have been given a free reign which they have used to their advantage, blowing up this and that, grooming young English girls for prostitution, one might almost call it a virtual paradise for them.  ‘A genuinely liberal country  “believes in certain values and actively promotes them,” Mr. Cameron said.  Then he enumerates those values:  “Freedom of speech.  Freedom of worship.  Democracy.  The rule of law.  Equal rights, regardless of race, sex or sexuality.”

Good.  These are fine sounding attributes of a genuinely Liberal country, we can joyously embrace them,  but it doesn’t explain the contradiction of policies that have suppressed those rights for his English speaking constituency, such as the BP political party which has been forbidden to exist.  Freedom of anything  apparently has constraints in the Liberal lexicology.

One fears that Mr. Cameron and his fellows suffer from a degree of cognitive dissonance.

However Liberals, bumbling as they may be, apparently mean well.  Why, they have even granted their English constituents four venues in which they may freely express their opinions, although not elsewhere.  That can certainly be construed as form of freedom of speech.  Imagine that, four whole venues to vent their frustrations.  Of course those who take advantage of this generous concession to freely express their opinions must be accompanied with circumspection.

Perhaps more controversially (my italics), he called for an end to a double standard that he said had tolerated the propagation of radical views among nonwhite groups that would be suppressed if they involved radical groups among whites.

A certain degree of honesty displayed there.  The BP should not yet jump for joy however.  What Mr. Cameron means, I suspect is that in the interests of single standard they are now going to suppress ‘radical’ opinions amongst Negroes and Moslem while conditions will remain the same for the BP and whites.

Don’t you just love it?




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