Debbie Lipstadt Tears Into Glenn Beck: ‘Glenn Beck Isn’t The Only Offender’

Debbie Lipstadt Tears Into Glenn Beck:

‘Glenn Beck Isn’t The Only Offender’


R.E. Prindle

No, no, the middle one Deb.

Fox’s record is atrocious, and the network should be held accountable.  But at the same time we need to be consistent in speaking out against such abominable analogies, making sure that we are not doing so selectively or only when we happen to disgree with the politics of those making the comparisons.  Otherwise we undermine our credibility.

– Deborah Ester Lipstadt


Since you are writing in the Jewish Daily Forward Debbie, I can only assume that ‘we’ and ‘our’ refer to you and your fellow Jews and that you are transmitting a plan of attack.  In other words, after your recklessly tossing off epithets like ‘Hitler’ and ‘Nazi’ indiscriminately since 1945, ‘we’, the other, are beginning to dish it back with a great deal of ‘social justice.’  So now, having exhausted the possibilities of the terms you wish to make them disreputable for others to use on you.  ‘You’ would have to be blind not to see ‘your’ own Nazism in action.  Your own suppression of historical inquiry and ‘truth.’

Oh, I know, you’re fresh from a victory over David Irving and feeling spunky.  Good god, nothing personal, Debbie,  but who but an idiot would take holocaust denial seriously; who but a bigot would think it necessary to put someone expressing an opinion, no matter how obtuse, in prison?  Who but an authoritarian in the Hitler and Stalin mode would pervert the courts to do it?  I’m looking steadily at you, Debbie.

Oh god, stop this hypocritical denying, Deb.  Just consider this stupid Jewish Paideia Movement you’ve begun in Europe.  They complain that the Jews were well on their way to establishing parity of  ‘Jewish knowledge’ alongside ‘European knowledge’, in other words magic vs. science, when Hitler and the Nazis disrupted the whole process.  The Jewish Paideists then are set to impose ‘Jewish knowledge’ on Europe and they’re laying down the law to Europeans.  You will accept this will ye, nil ye, they say.  That’s you talking, Debbie, through your people.

What does this Jewish knowledge consist of Debbie?  As you know these four hundred rabbis who are trying to impose their and your will on Murdoch and Ailes have been posting articles on HPost and Daily Beast touting the ‘Jewish view of creationism’ over Evolution.  Can you believe anyone could be that stupid and advertise it?   These smarties actually want us to accept that Man is made out of mud by Yahweh other than being a chemical structure consisting mostly of H2O.  Can you believe such ignorance, Debbie?  Well, obviously you can.

These four hundred dumb rabbis call themselves Jewish Funds For Justice, whatever that might mean.  Can you explain it for us, Deb?  They are, you say, ‘an avowedly progressive group…so now creationism has been bumped up to progressive, hey?…JFFJ- hey, wow, another tetragramaton, has been taking aim at Beck for some time over his attacks on the concept of ‘social justice.’    Hey, ‘taking aim’, that’s violent gun language from a tough chickie, Deb.  If any of these rabbis shoots Beck you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Social justice, that’s a Communist slogan, isn’t it, Deb?  Care to define it so we know what you mean by it?  Hmm, an attack is it, Deb?  Should we put Beck in prison because he’s ‘taking aim’ on the concept of ‘social justice.’  Are you putting an attack on social justice on the same level as holocaust denial, Deb?

You’re worried about undermining your credibility.   Don’t worry about it, you don’t have any.  What is sacred about your concept of ‘social justice anyway?’




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