Never Forget: Why Glenn Beck Is Special

Never Forget:
Why Glenn Beck Is Special
R.E. Prindle
In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld reminds us that Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch are responsible for News Corportion’ financial support of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York and the Anti-Defamation League….  I’m glad that News Corp. gives money to charity, and not just to the Republican National  Association.
-Mik Moore

Why is Glenn Beck Important?

The above quotation from Mik Moore’s Jewish Daily Forward article linked above demonstrates the cognitive dissonance, the obtuseness of the Jews that makes their complaints self-centered and irrelevant.  Mr. Moore equates giving to Jewish political organizations as ‘charity’, while giving to goy political organizations as ‘political contributions.’
Apparently Jews are incapable of seeing how offensive such a self-righteous characterization is to others.  There is no excuse for such arrogance, and if there were being Jewish wouldn’t be it.
There is no people more defamatory of others than the Jews, that is why they created the Anti-Defamation League- to protect themselves from retaliation.  That’s a joke, son.  Actually the League is the brain child of Sigmund Freud in one of his more illucid moments.  Very effective though, good psychology.
What their complaint against Murdoch, Ailes and Beck is, is anybody’s guess.  Nobody has been more active since 1945 of perpetuating the use of Nazi, Hitler and the holocaust as a derogatory insult than the Jews.  The solution to their Faux News problem is to leave off calling everyone Hitlers and Nazis themselves.  They are their own worst enemy.  Never forget.
Mr. Moore says that ‘through its actions and statements, Fox News has demonstrated that it either doesn’t understand or has no regard for our community’s concerns about this issue.  Wrong on both counts Mr. Moore.  Faux News does understand and does have concern.  What they are trying to tell you is leave off already- stop your bullshit, remove your blinders, get some help about your cognitive dissonance.  In two words-  get straight.  The ball is in your court, not ours.

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