The Semitic Mind Vs. The Aryan Mind

The Semitic Mind Vs. The Aryan Mind


R.E. Prindle

The difference between the Semitic and Aryan minds is irreconcilable and admits of one solution only, the conquest of one view of existence over the other.  As the problem is one of perception its cause lies in the very constitutions of the two minds.  Aryan minds soar on the wings of imagination while the Semitic is literal and earthbound.  Put another way the Aryan is scientific while the Semitic is magical.

I have already indicated elsewhere the problem of the Astrological religion of the Aryans and the Semitic disagreement with it.  While the religious Astrological Age archetypes in the Aryan religion change with the Astrological Age the Semites, in this case the Jews, insist that their gods Yahweh and Allah are eternal and unchanging.

The basic conflict I am discussing in this essay is the physical nature of man.  The Aryan asserted that man was star born and on death returned to the stars, made of the stuff of stars while the Semites, Jews once again, insisted that man is made out of mud.  They say God picked up a clod of dirt and molded man out of it much as a medieval rabbi made the Golem out of dirt.  The Jews, then, are obligated to defend this position eternally or admit their religion, their basis of existence, is based on a falsehood hence invalid.

Now, the Aryan position was that the gods were pure spirit, that is insubstantial, and that the various levels of gods- from gods to angels- became more enmeshed in matter as they descended until one arrived at man who was pure matter.  Hence the conflict between the spiritual and material.  But man is still of the substance of stars.

While not literally so this is true.  Not only man but all existence is of a chemical nature.  All life evolves from four gases, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon.  These gases are the most common and pervade the universe as chemical building blocks, thus man is of the stuff of stars.

However flesh appears solid while consisting almost entirely of H2O, water.  As man appears solid the Semites, Jews, then said it is quite obvious the body has nothing to do with stars but is obviously made out of solid earth.  Whether they were of this opinion before they were transferred to Mesopotamia from Judea in 586 BC isn’t clear, but it is clear the idea came from Mesopotamia as the Jews claim to have come into existence there c. 2000 BC.

Their  version of ‘creation’ became enshrined in the Bible in the first eleven books of Genesis which are derived in reaction to  Aryan Sumerian history and beliefs.  The Bible, Genesis, became enshrined amongst the Aryans after the fall of the Roman Empire as the holy book of truth.  This false view of origins then permeated Western society for more than a thousand years until it began to become seriously challenged in the nineteenth century with the old astronomical views.

Even today if you ask nearly anyone of what man is made I’m sure that ninety-five percent of the people would say- earth.

And yet it has been scientifically proven that life is a combination of elements, chemicals, that originated in water, H2O.  Hydrogen and oxygen make up ninety-six percent or so of the human body and all life.

So, if you accept the scientific truth you must reject the Semitic magical fable.  The Jews cannot accept the truth without recognizing that their religion is based on falsehood, or, in other words, misconstrued Arien Age beliefs.  Judaism has never surpassed the Arien Age.  They wish to reimpose it on mankind.

That is the problem.

Semites are wrong but cannot admit it.


13 comments on “The Semitic Mind Vs. The Aryan Mind

  1. no this isn’t right. The aryan mindset and semitic mindset isn’t like that at all. Both are scientifically inclined. The main difference is that aryans seek perfection in the world. Semitics seek to chase perfection and become bored if the world is perfect. The ancient religion of the aryans:
    God threw a pearl into the cosmic sea and it exploded, the reminants creating the earth stars and planets. god sent at angel to come down to earth and stop its rummbling so that it could sustain life. After the angle stopped the rumbling, it went to the garden of eden to meet the first humans. (note that it doesn’t say he created them but rather went to meet them). When the angel found Adam and Eve, it saw that the humans did not have souls so the angel blew soals into them. The aryan religion claims that they were the decendants of adam only and his son married an angel. Whereas all the other humans are decendants of adam adn eve. The aryan religion also had a caste system.

    To me this sounds scientifically accurate. This religion is over 10,000 years old. The aryan-semetic conflict started 9000 years ago. I believe that the height of perfection was reached and some of those first aryan tribes made the mistake and had sexual encounters with the other humans thus creating the semetic races. Someone from my country told me something very weird, he was a minority and said you people came to this land from the sky and you are aliens, then some went to germany, you people don’t belong here! This is very weird to hear because the historical accounts of the elders are usually accurate and are passed on from generations. I think the aryan tribes reached a level of knowledge where they had the ability to fly and also create great technologies. at the time people would think of it as godly or alien. semetic people were jealous of the great power adn also did not like the perfection of their world, they were bored adn so started causing troubles. They learned their technology and started to create religion in order to get control. The semetic religions are relics of earlier forms.

    • SS said:

      “The aryan religion claims that they were the decendants of adam only and his son married an angel. Whereas all the other humans are decendants of adam adn eve”

      Who was the mother of Adam’s son that married an angel, if it wasn’t Eve?

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m not familiar with your argument so can make no response. Although as A had a son from whom the Aryans descended and subsequently one supposes, Eve was created from Adam’s rib and all non-Aryans descended from the that match what woman did Adam associate with to bring forth his son who then married an angel. It couldn’t be Eve. Is your argument based on the Jewish account? I haven’t heard this before.

      • reprindle said:

        “Thanks for the reply. I’m not familiar with your argument so can make no response”

        I offered no argument — I asked a simple question:

        –Who was the mother of Adam’s son that married an angel?–

        “Although as A(dam) had a son from whom the Aryans descended…”

        Who was Adam’s first wife, whose daughter-in-law was an angel?

        “…and subsequently one supposes, Eve was created from Adam’s rib and all non-Aryans descended from the that match”

        Why would one suppose that it was subsequent and not previous?

        “what woman did Adam associate with to bring forth his son who then married an angel”

        Yeah! … that’s my question.

        “It couldn’t be Eve”

        Ok, then who was it?

        “Is your argument based on the Jewish account?”

        I offered no argument whatsoever and know nothing of the “Jewish account”

        I asked a simple question:

        Who was the angel’s mother-in-law?

        Who is the Mother of the Aryan race?

        “I haven’t heard this before”

        Neither have I.

      • I wonder that you haven’t heard it before since you brought it up. Why do the Aryan, Negro, Semitic or Mongoloid races need mothers. An absurdist premise. How many years ago was it that Adam was born without a mother?

      • reprindle said:

        “I wonder that you haven’t heard it before since you brought it up”

        I didn’t bring it up — SS brought it up.

        SS said:

        “The aryan religion claims that they were the decendants of adam only and his son married an angel. Whereas all the other humans are decendants of adam adn eve”

        I have never in my life heard anything like that; that’s why I asked SS who was the Mother of the Aryan race.

        “Why do the Aryan, Negro, Semitic or Mongoloid races need mothers”

        According to SS, ALL the non-Aryan races descend from Adam and Eve, who were joined by God in holy matrimony, never to be torn asunder.

        Before Adam got married he was shacking up with “what’s-her-name”, who had a son named “what’s-his-name”, who had sex with an angel named “what’s-its-name” and “she” had some children, I guess, who turned out to be Aryans.

        So, who did these Aryan children grow up and marry?
        Did they marry their brothers and sisters?

        And who did their half-Aryan children marry?
        Did they marry their cousins?

        “An absurdist premise”

        EXACTLY! — that’s why I’m sure SS is just making it up as he speaks.

        “How many years ago was it that Adam was born without a mother?”

        Are you suggesting that Adam’s “son” was also born without a mother?

        In that case, he was either directly created by God, just like Adam, or Adam got pregnant and had a son.

        If “what’s-his-name” was directly created by God, then he was the son of God, not the son of Adam, and “what’s-his-name” was the Father of the Aryan Race, not Adam!


        According to the Christian Identity movement, the Aryan race descended from Adam and Eve.

        That seems to make a lot more sense, although, I’m sure the “Garden of Eden”, “The Tower of Babel”, “Noah’s Flood”, the “Talking Bush”, the “Talking Donkey”. the “Parting of the Red Sea” and most of the other fanciful tales are Alegories, just like “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Little Red Riding Hodd”, “Sleeping Beauty” and all the other ancient Aryan tales.

  2. ss: Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Where do you live? You mention someone from your country who is a minority. What sort of minority and what is relationship to the majority? I have to say that you are mentioning things here that I have never heard.

    Is there anything I can read to better understand what you have said?

    Thanks again.

  3. Great article. Thanks for your Insights.
    All VEDAS(there are 4) are the witness of Aryan Mind-set. Like Material Body is made of 5 elements.. Who are you and where you from?? Plz reply back.. I’m from India.

  4. Thanks for your comment Priyam. I don’t know how to answer who I am but I live in Oregon on the Pacific Coast. I concentrate on Western Aryan writing such as Homer’s Iliad. Of what I know of the Indian epics there are many similarities between the two. That probably means that when the Aryans started to move out of their homelands different versions developed, one Western Aryan and the other Eastern Aryan. Probably the tribes that migrated to China were absorbed although Aryan ideas must permeate Chinese thought. Hmm?

  5. Indo Aryans or Hindus believe that human body is made of fie elements earth, Water fire air and God elements(Atma) which means after the death all 4 eartly elements remain on earth and soul departs to take another birth.

    Vedic cosmology believes that Universe is made of Big bang 8.94 billion years ago and the destruction and creation is simantanious process ,and every where around the universe some world is destroyed and new world is meade and since we are also part of this universe so in the interest of laws of nature our Body gets destroyed and our soul gets a new body.

    This whole existence is an illusion and a dream of lord Vishnu (God in preservance form) , the only truth is God and it,s laws of nature which never changes with the time.


  6. Anil: I am no expert on East Aryan cosmology. Anything I know is second hand from West Aryan understandings. When the Aryans began to move out of trans Himalayan Asia the Far East branch was absorbed into the Chinese system. The East Aryans dropped down into India where they became Hindus but rather than evolving beyond contemporary Aryan thought systems those systems became fossilized like a snapshot.

    Obviously Aryan intelligence has always been progressive unlike the Semitic mind which is static refusing change. Thus both in India and Europe/America there is a tremendous conflict between the systems of the two species.

    However while Aryan beliefs c. -2000–1500 were fossilized in India, in the West the natural development from the speculative science of the Hindu system progressed to pure science. There is a great deal of similarity between the East Aryan Vedas and the West Aryan Iliad of Homer so I understand the meaning of the Vedas in that context. Reconciliation between East and West Aryans could begin on that level. In any event East Aryans must adapt their religion to West Aryan science. It should be easy.

    For instance it is clear that life began merely as a few chemicals dissolved in water activated by electricity drawn from the electro-magnetic field of Earth perhaps with an assist from lightning. The activating electricity is what East Aryans refer to as the soul. Whatever happens after death when the electricity is released is anybody’s guess. Mine would be is that it simply returns to the electro-magnetic field.

    I have to confess that your last paragraph seems illogical to me. One lives, one dies which is a concrete fact. I fail to see the need for illusion or dream which merely paralyzes action.

    In any event I see no bars to a reconciliation of East and West Aryans so long as East Aryans accept Aryan thought progression in science.

    An attempt should also be made to free Aryan Persians from the trammels of Semitic staticism. Once one accepts science old religious beliefs are transformed or as in the case of the afflicted Persians, drop away.

    I hope I made sense to you.

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