The Keystone Kops Meet Sharia Law

The Keystone Kops Meet Sharia Law


R.E. Prindle


Blowing' A Little Smoke

A few months a go a demented Moslem army officer blew away a number of non-Moslem fellow soldiers.

A few days ago a mad Moslem suicide bomber killed and injured scores in Moscow.

Not counting all the beheadings and nose mutilations of women the Moslems having been giving a very bad impression of their benevolent religion.

Well, yeah, OK.  Some Moslems who are completely uninfluenced by the benevolent religion have been nutty but they don’t represent the majority of Moslems, do they?  Or, do they?

I mean, other people, American Conservatives for instance, bomb things too, don’t they?  OK, so Loughner wasn’t a conservative but this guy coming up has to be right wing or my name’s not John Law.

Jeff Kaboub reports in the Huffington Post, American news outlet  of record, that a 63 year old man traveled from San Diego California in a car with the trunk loaded with explosives to blow up a mosque in Detroit, Michigan.  Allah, such dedication.  No reason is given for casting his net so far to find a mosque.  No mosques in San Diego, I guess.

Check out the HPost picture of the massive mosque our friend was going to blow up.  With what?  A manure bomb like the Moslems used in their first attempt on the WTC?  Maybe a pocket 747 in imitation of the successfull 9/11 attack on the WTC?  Perhaps one of the dirty briefcase A-bombs we read about?  No, no,  our Mr. Stockham was better prepared than that.  He had a trunkful of, are you ready?  Fireworks.  Ah, but among the fireworks were some M-80s.  Look out, Moslemland!

Chief Ronald Haddad of the Moslem Michigan city of Dearborn says that “(Stockham) had a long history of anti-government activities.”  OK.  If so, what’s that got to do with mosques?  He has no long history or any at all of harassing mosques with firecrackers anywhere.

Kaboub and Haddad.  Moslem names no doubt and I’m sure they’re even more objective than Mark Potok of  the SPLC.

Now read this quote without laughing if you can.  Be thinking of the Moscow Moslem bomber:

The chief said he called the mosque leader, Imam Hassan al-Qazwini and mosque board members.  He said members shared concerns about copycat crimes if the arrest were publicized, and Haddad said he understood.

We never want to put something out there that gives someone the “how-to”, Haddad said.  [with a straight face]

Well, Stockham sure as hell wasn’t dumb enough to copycat the Moscow bomber and strap the firecrackers to his back.  He didn’t march into the mosque with a Glock and start blazing away.

So, how did super-sleuth Chief Haddad locate Stockham?  Well, he was sitting in his car outside the Islamic Center Of America.  Why would any White man sit outside a mosque in his car if the trunk wasn’t filled with firecrackers?  Apparently Detroit is the American Mecca of Moslemism.  Good choice.  I presume the Islamic Center of America is the massive mosque pictured in the HPost article linked.  Or, maybe the Moslem coppers only thought he was threatening either the mosque or the Moslem Center, if they differ.  In any event Chief Haddad only charged the US Vietnam Veteran of  ‘making a false report or threat of terrorism.’   So apparently Stockham’s intent was not to bomb the mosque, he only wanted to see what would happen if he threatened.  You know, a practical joke.  However possessing fireworks in Michigan is illegal.  Or perhaps they weren’t really fireworks and we’re being intentionally misled for some reason because it was stated the he  possessed explosives with an unlawful intent.  It’s OK to have a trunkful of explosives if you have a lawful intent.   Fireworks=explosives?  Hmm.  But since his first  charge is that of making a false report or threat then where does the unlawful intent of possessing explosives come in?  By the chief’s own admission Stockham had no unlawful intent, he was only making false reports.

Chief Haddad is working on that one I suspect.  As the charges aren’t covered by Sharia law I’m sure the chief is boning up on US law as quickly as he can get his mind to work in a straight line. This is America, Chief, different legal system.

Stay tuned for a later update:  Chief Haddad meets Jared Loughner in Mobile, Alabama.


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