Giffords, Loughner, Ayers-Obama

Giffords, Loughner, Ayers-Obama

The Emerging Story Of Tucson


R.E. Prindle


Yes, the shooting in Tucson was tragic as all such crimes are.  However as they occur on a daily basis somewhere in the world- witness the suicide bombing in the Moscow airport- perhaps we can cooly and dispassionately analyze the Tuscon tragedy.  The story hasn’t even begun to unfold.

Initially before the gunsmoke had cleared the air the MSM commentators vied with each other in vilifying imagined conservative perpetrators.  The shooter was actually a deranged, brain damaged, individual with a strong liberal background indoctrinated by no less than the Ayers-Obama Small Schools Chicago Annenberg Challenge program.  A leftist indoctrination program.

Setting the shooter, Jared Loughner, to the side for the moment, let us look at the putative object of the crime, Gabrielle Giffords.  It was said by the Jews that because of her very recent connections to Judaism even though not reared as a Jew that the shooting was anti-Semitic hence unholy.  Giffords herself claimed to be a ‘Blue Dog Democrat’, that is, conservative in all but name.  It was a lie that got her re-elected.

How Jewish is she? Quotes from the Jewish Daily Forward of 1/26/11 article entitled rather oddly ‘Mourning Tucson Victim at the Leftist Camp He Loved.  No Color War.  Just Peace Olympics.’  That’s a coded message, son.

It is, perhaps, only in America that a congresswoman named Gabrielle Giffords could reclaim the Jewish identity of her father’s family- originally named Hornstein- after living much of her life apart from the Jewish community.  And it is no less a  tribute to American fluidity, however ironic, that the aide, who died by her side under a hail of fire was a non-Jew named Gabe Zimmerman who lived a crucial segment of his life immersed in a storied corner of the American Jewish milieu.

Her father’s family.  Giffords’ grandfather in other words was Jewish but neither her grandmother, mother nor her father were Jewish.  So Giffords’ Jewish heritage is the same as mine and yours- we went to church where we were immersed in Biblical Jewish culture.

Jews do not consider the heritage of such a background Jewish.  If your mother isn’t Jewish you’re not.  Period.  Giffords did begin conversion to Reform Judaism, low on the Jewish totem pole of sects, about 10 years ago but never completed the program.  But as of 1/26/11 Jews have adopted her as one of their own.

Now, the writer of the Forward article, Josh Nathan-Kazis seques into part two involving the goy aide immersed in Jewish lore:

When Zimmerman was shot dead alongside five others in a Tucson parking lot on January 8 (2011), a leftist Jewish summer camp in the foothills of the Berkshires, quickly began trading e-mails.  Zimmerman, Giffords’s director of community outreach, had been out of touch with many of the Kinderland alumni for years.  But some summer memories have yet to fade.

So, 10 years since, a leftist young man took a job at a Leftist Jewish summer camp, a ‘Jewish socialist camp’ where the happy campers ‘salute(d) the flag of the Soviet Union on their way to breakfast.’  Get that, the camp flew the Soviet flag rather than the American.  That was the credo in this camp’s life “where tradition is religion and the outside world is a fantasy…of unabashed Jewish leftism that has few conterporary analogues.”

So, this Blue Dog Democrat, Giffords appoints an essentially Jewish leftist ‘who saluted the Soviet flag every morning’ as her  Director Of Community Outreach in Tucson, Arizona.  She, Obama and their Jewish friends are all Reds.  By a possible coincidence the Communist Weatherman, Mike Klonsky, was sent West by his bosses Bomber Billy Ayers and Barry Obama to set up a Small Schools program at Mountain View High School where they indoctrinated the assassin, Jared Loughner.  Barry Obama now the Weatherman President of the United States has filled his administration with leftist Jews more in sympathy with the deceased Soviet Union than the United States.  Quite simply an organization of traitors to  American ideals.

In November 2010 Americans went to the polls and in effect repudiated the Leftist Jewish Soviet program being established by the Ayers-Obama administration.

Now, imagine these Soviet loving leftist Jews considering their defeat at the polls and concluding that they need an incident to regain the momentum they have lost.  Having run roughshod over the opinions of  what they called ‘domestic terrorists’ for two years  arousing them to the point where they are actually fighting back, resisting, the cabal has a wannabe Jew, so it can be an anti-Semitic attack, gunned down.  In control of the media, they (Wag the Dog) immediately claim it’s a conservative shooting inspired by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, their three chief bete noirs.  But this is 2010 or 11 not 2008; we’ve got the Jewish-Negro scam figured out and the Wag The Dog script has to be rewritten in mid-stride.

‘Hey, fellas, calm down.’  They say.  ‘We need Civil Discourse not confrontation.’

Back to the Jewish Daily Forward and Nathan-Kazis:

“The values and the politics are built into the programming of this camp,” said Katie Halper, a writer and comedienne who has directed an upcoming documentary on Kinderland, titled “Another Camp Is Possible.”

Do ya get the coded message:  “Another Camp Is Possible?”

Camp buildings are named after leftist icons:  The Paul Robeson Playhouse,  The Roberto Clemente Sports Shack.  Bunks, too, bear storied names: one for labor activist and songwriter, Joe Hill; one for Pablo Neruda, and one, somewhat disconcertingly, for Anne Frank.

A few times a week, each bunk gets together to sing protest songs…It’s usually Phil Ochs songs and Pete Seeger songs about revolution and that kind of stuff….

And instead of a color war, campers compete each summer in a “Peace Olympics”, in which teams named for leftist movements and leaders compete for a place in camp lore.”

The Ayers-Obama adminstration is now engaged in a Color War with Americans which they try to disguise as a “Peace Olympics”.   Calm down everyone, this is just funnin’ between Jews and gentiles.  They really like us.  Gabe Zimmerman who sounds Jewish was actually a goy but that didn’t prevent the girls of the camp from loving his sweet buns.

“I used to pester him about (his name) at school because not only was his last name Zimmerman, but he kind of looked Jewish and he definitely had Jewish sensibilities.”  Martin-Zeavy wrote in an e-mail.  “A boy that any Jewish mother would be proud of.”

Goys can pass too.  Hmm.  Giffords survived the attack so no Horst Wessel song about her as a martyr can be written but we’ve got the Zimmerman kid who’ll do just as well, perhaps.  Wag The Dog.  We’ll have to use him.  And so the script changes to adapt to circumstances.  Changes we can believe in.

Gosh, the name Zimmerman even has resonances with the culture hero, Bob Dylan who is Jewish, for added effectiveness. Go for it.

No matter how you read it we have a Jewish Leftist conspiracy here.

The only question is how did they get their tool Jared Loughner to do it?  I’m betting on hypnotism.  As weird as it sounds this absolutely proven shooter was allowed to plead not guilty.  The rumors are that the trial will take years.  By that time Loughner may be dead and there will be several more shootings demanding attention.  The affair will be forgotten, the truth will never come out.  Wag the Dog, Wag the Dog, Wag the Dog.  Watch the movie.




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