The State Of What Union?


The State Of What Union?


R.E. Prindle

A topic that seemed to dominate Obama’s State Of The Union speech was education.  He seems to think that Americans are woefully undereducated, unable to compete in a world in which within a generation we have fallen from first in nearly everything to everything in last.  Americans are deemed incompetent in nearly every category- Filipinos are shipped in to be nurses and teachers, not because Americans won’t do the work but can’t.  Filipinos best American nurses at every task.  Indians flood into Silicon Valley because Americans can’t be found who can even program a computer.  Indeed, it is said that foreigners who only a generation ago couldn’t plow a straight furrow are now capable of doing really complex jobs Americans can’t even make a guess at.  How those jobs came into existence is anyone’s guess.  Yea, verily America is in a terrible educational state.

Obama’s interest in education is amazing because he showed no interest in it until he met Bomber Billy Ayers, founder of the Weatherman Underground of bombing and murdering fame, who, having abandoned terrorism was born again as an educationist.  Apparently moving with ease directly from terrorism to programming education for grade schoolers Ayers developed his Small Schools program in Chicago in 1991.  In 1995 he recruited the brand new Harvard Law School graduate, Barry Obama, to the CAC, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, that Ayers cooked up to spread his ideas across the country.  If a school signed up the CAC didn’t give the grant to the school but to Ayers and the Small Schools project which then  administered the program for the school according to its own methods and standards.

The Mountain View School of Tucson set up such a program.  Jared Loughner, the mad gunman, must be a man after Bomber Billy Ayers heart.  One might say Loughner stepped into the Bomber’s shoes.  Loughner was in Ayers and Obama’s program during his school career before the curriculum drove him crazy and he drowned his frustrations in alcohol thereby poisoning himself and damaging his brain, dropping out of school, failed to graduate in other words.  Thus in whatever manner Ayers and Obama are related to the shooting.

On January 25th President Obama was still making political capital out of the shooting.  He opens his speech using Giffords suffering for his own porposes.  Things were not going good for him he says, the talk was turning against him, or, as he put it:  “Amid the noise and passions and rancor of our public debate, Tuscon reminded us that no matter who we are or where we come from (i.e. legal and illegal immigration), each of us is a part of something greater- something more consequential than party or political preference– we are part of the American family.”  A flight of a few thousand miles and, presto!  an American.

So the unfortunate murder of a half dozen people condensed into concern for the surviving Giffords has the beneficial effect, in Obama’s mind, of making a hundred incompatible peoples one.  Makes it almost seem like the shooting was made to order doesn’t it?  It’s almost like the scenarists of Wag The Dog were hired for the script.

So, even though our thousands of universities are packed with millions of students, while our collages and universities are the desired goal of the entire world for their matchless educations, they are good enough to educate foreigners to do the difficult jobs, but then, damn it, instead of keeping them here we let them get away and take those talents back to from where they came.  Yet Americans are so stupid they can’t be educated for the tough jobs by those same universities but still those same universities can take Africans, supposedly with the lowest IQs in the world, straight out of  the jungle and put them on their intellectual feet.  Right on.

Well, everybody agrees that Obama is a great orator, now if he could only be taught to talk sense.


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