Moscow: The Common Man And Uncommon Problems


The Common Man And The Uncommon Problem


R.E. Prindle

So the Moslems have divined a new plan to disrupt the economy of the West?  Instead of attacking single planes which have been made relatively secure they are now going to destroy whole airports.  The attack on the Moscow airport of January of this year demonstrates how devilishly criminal the Moslem religion is.  Forget this ‘minority of Moslems’ drivel, it is the religion.  Moslem’s are religiously insane.

While I, myself, had no fear of getting on an airplane with a mad Moslem bomber I do have fear of an insane Moslem with a backpack blowing up an airport.  Two or three of these Moslem lunatics going off simultaneously would not only shut down a major airport in either the US or Europe but more or less effectively shut down the economy of the target city for some time perhaps forever because who is going to take the chance it won’t happen again.  This is the goal of the Moslems which they stated on 9/11- to shut down the US economy.   On 9/11 they succeeded to shutting down air travel for four days or so.  The damage to the economy was indescrible.  Airlines went bankrupt in the wake of 9/11.

Of course the flaked out morons in D.C. didn’t understand that then and they don’t understand that now.  They are common men and women with a common nearly illiterate understanding.  They are not in a position to make decisions affecting the commonweal.

Undoubtedly attacks will be made by Moslems on US airports.  The example has been set.  The attacks will be made by insane Moslems.  What will the US’s, Obama’s, response be?  To keep eighty year old White woman with hip and knee transplants out of airports.  To have pat downs in the parking lots before passengers can even get close to the airport.  This is the common man’s response to uncommon problems.

Rather than punish innocent non-combatants for the actions of combatants Obama should quarantine Moslems rather than delegate that NASA should ‘reach out’ to them.   Will they be offended?  Hey, break my heart.  My heart pumps pure piss for them.  If my family, my friends, my fellow Americans are murdered by insane Moslem  bombers my limits of social discourse will have been reached and exceeded.  I learned the lesson from 9/11.  Perhaps Kennedy going up in flames with hundreds killed and maimed will be an object lesson to the morons in D.C.

It’s not the ‘terrorists’ stupid, it’s the religion.



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