America Eats Its Young

America Eats Its Young


R.E. Prindle

The title is a quote from George Clinton


The Loughner Case has brought to light the problem of cognitive dissonance in the Left.  According to Newsmax a twitty tweeter twitted:  I hope Sarah Palin dies an ugly death and takes her moronic hate with her.

Clearly the tweeter attaches a different meaning to the word hate than is usual.  For this tweeter ‘hate’ is an attribute of the other not possible to herself.  Hate here has the meaning of a specific type of hate which the tweeter doesn’t think it possible she could share.  Obviously this is dissonance caused by education or indoctrination.  The tweeter learned this narrow definition of hate in our public schools.

Jared Loughner was given this type of indoctrination in high school.  Apparently he was intelligent enough to know how he was being deluded before he zoned out of reality from alcohol poisoning.   While his reasoning may be incomprehensible what he might be saying in his letter substitution scheme is that by giving new values to letters you give new meanings to words, hence hate as understood by the indoctrinated is love or caring while love in the other is really hate.  Anyone who disagrees with the person is automatically a hater.  Hence Sarah Palin is a hater since she has different values.

The question then is who formed Loughner’s confused mind.  That answer, my friend, is Barack Obama himself.  In the nineties he and Bomber Billy Ayers received 100 million dollars from the CAC- Chicago Annenberg Challenge for some educational scheme he and Ayers cooked up.

Now, half a million of this money was taken to Mountain View High School in Tucson, which Loughner attended, in the care of the fellow Weatherman of Ayers and Obama, Mike Klonsky.  Other than being a fellow Weatherman Klonsky’s qualifications are suspect.  However, his mission obviously was to indoctrinate the student body to the best of his ability.  Loughner spent his entire high school period under the Ayers-Obama-Klonsky regime.

Tucson would seem to be strategically picked to further Ayers and Obama’s anti-White schemes being a prime corridor for the Mexican invasion.  Obama a few months ago declared the corridor off limits to American citizens.  Coincidence?  Sheriff Dupnik might as well have been handpicked as after the shooting he began immediately to spout the party line of  ‘vitriol.’

The question then is whether Congresswoman Giffords was martyred to further the Left’s cause.  The Left was certainly prepared to promote all their favorite causes from her misfortune before she had even hit the ground.    Is it seemly to profit from such a tragedy?

Is it possible that Loughner’s strange behavior since the shooting is a result of programming?  Could his breakdown in High School which is rather strange in itself be the result of psychological conflict caused by resistance to his programming?

Until the situation resolves itself further there is no certainty but one thing is clear– all roads lead back to Chicago.




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