A Further Note On The Loughner Case

A Further Note On The Loughner Case


R.E. Prindle



While it is clear that the Loughner Case is related to Ayers-Obama-Klonsky and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Scotty Starnes on his blog notes a slip of tongue by Nancy Pelosi.  While speaking rather coldly  and dispassionately, one might almost say dismissively, about the Giffords shooting she refers to it as an ‘unfortunate accident.’

As a Freudian slip the statement has some interest.  Mrs. Pelosi makes it sound like an experimental mishap- a test tube exploding or something- and it may have been.  Ayers-Obama-Klonsky were involved in a Small Schools scheme that makes the indoctrination of the student the primary goal.  If so then it is possible, even probable, that Loughner who was subjected to the Small Schools program was unable to assimilate the propaganda becoming confused and imploding or being activated at the appropriate time.  It would appear that Mrs. Pelosi is privy to the conspiracy, while that also implicates Harry Reid explaining much about their activities in Congress.

Why now and why Giffords would then be the question to be investigated.  What is the connection?

In any case, if Ayers-Obama-Klonsky have created dozens or even hundreds of these human time bombs waiting to go off on some predetermined signal this Small Schools program should be thoroughly investigated while if any criminal intent is involved the principals should be held responsible.


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