The Ayers-Obama Network

The Ayers-Obama Network


R.E. Prindle


Bomber Billy Ayers Symbolically Trampling The United States

For some time now I have been troubled by wondering what Bomber Billy Ayers and Barry Obama did with the 100 million dollars obtained through the offices of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge -the CAC.  It seemed impossible that the whole sum was spent in Chicago.

The recent shooting in Tucson may be opening some doors.  A sum of a half million or so was given to a school in Tucson to set up a specific ‘educational’ structure designed by Bill Ayers and Barack Obama.  It seems improbable that a school in Tucson would be the only money deployed outside Chicago.

Let us credit Ayers and Obama with setting up a natinal system capable of creating diversions or setting up events such as Tucson.  Let us postulate that Ayers-Obama set up as many as fifty or more such cells in as many cities.  Let us suppose that a school in each city was selected to indoctrinate students in certain methods.  I’m talking Manchurian Candidate methods and purposes here.  At the appropriate time certain candidates could be activated such as Loughner in Tucson.

Consider that Loughner bought a Glock machine pistol and had it fitted with an extra magazine so that he could expend 31 consecutive shots.   What gun shop would do this for him?  How likely is it that he would know that it could be done?  I, for one, didn’t know that and I’ve picked up a fair amount of gun lore from TV.

Jared Lee Loughner

Also consider that a strange man was spotted who it is said was a taxi driver and who brought Loughner to the site.  Why did he get out of his cab  and hang around?  Why didn’t he go in search of another fare?  Now, Loughner lived only five minutes from the center.  Why did he call a cab?  Is there any record of a cab  picking him up at his house?

Until learned otherwise it is not inconceivable to suppose this fellow was some kind of Ayers-Obama handler.  Therefore, if so, Ayers-Obama have a system of fifty or more cells from which they can control or direct affairs.  I was in business in Portland, Oregon during the seventies when Weathermen were active or seeking refuge.  There was a fairly large cell of them.  I was also being interfered with by what I recognized as an organized group but I was unable to put together who.  It seems clear to me now who and what they were.


El Presidente

I think it behooves us to investigate how and where the 100 million Ayers-Obama had was ‘invested’ while attempting to identify and disable the cells.  What Ayers-Obama intend to do and how is now more clear.

It took six years for Ayers-Obama to select their locations, assign personnel and expend the money so we have to assume it was done with some care.  It is important to uncover their operatives and learn what sort of indoctrination was done.  It was effective.  There are cadres trained to act, for instance, in shouting down opponents at public gatherings.  Which cities, which schools, which agents?



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