The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America


R.E. Prindle

Bomber Billy Ayers

My, this Loughlin-Giffords affair in Tucson, Arizona just gets stranger and more involved with every passing moment.  Originally billed by such sages as Keith Olberman and Haim Potok as a White Supremacist anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish congressperson new facts, purported facts, or notions passing as facts indicate something different.

What appears to be an actual fact is that Gabrielle Giffords isn’t remotely Jewish while Jared Loughlin possibly is, or so the Red magazine Mother Jones reports.  If true what we have is a Jewish supremacist attack on a White woman posing as a Jew.  Definitely Strangeness in a land getting Stranger.

Gabrielle Giffords is the daughter of a Christian mother hence cannot possibly be consdered Jewish according

El Presidente

to Jewish law.  Gabrielle apparently discovered her ‘Jewish heritage’ on a trip to Israel ten years ago.  She has been attending a Reform Jewish outfit since then.  The Reform Jews are apparently not recognized by Orthodox Jewry as ‘real’ Jews.  So Gabrielle has been attending a faux Jewish church.  On top of that she has apparently never completed the process to convert to Judaism  so in no way can she be considered a Jew.  Perhaps  she has a foot in each camp for political reasons.   As for a ‘Jewish heritage’ any Christian or lapsed Christian can claim that, the notion is meaningless.  We were all brought up on the Bible but even the arch Jew, Bob Dylan, mocks the Bible.

Now, how ‘right wing’ is Loughner?   I’m sure we all remember Bomber Billy Ayers and then just plain Barry Obama’s association with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  The Dynamic Duo obtained one hundred million dollars to promote some Communist educational idiosyncracy.   What became of the money?  Well, according to the World Net Daily ( ) a half million was shipped out to Tucson, Arizona and the Mountain View High School where the program was administered by their Communist Associate Mike Klonsky.  Loughner’s high school career where he was a full time drunk was served under Klonsky’s regime.  So Loughner has a radical Communist education devised by Ayers  and Obama.

So, it would appear that there is a tight connection between Loughner, Ayers and Ayers protogee, now President of the United States, Barack Obama.    Was the shooting something cooked up by Ayers and Obama as some Reichstag type event to divert attention from pending Republican legislation against the Ayers-Obama plot against America?

It’s early folks but it would appear that the plot is unraveling.  There’s more here than meets the eye.  I smell vitriol, don’t you?


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