Barry O’Bama And The Reichstag Fire


Barry O’ Bama And The Reichstag Fire


R.E. Prindle

How low will the Obama administration and the Liberal establishment sink?  When the Hitler and the Nazi’s took power one of their first acts to discredit the Communist opposition was to stage a fire in the Reichstag and blame it on the Communists.

Now that Obama’s oppostion has assumed control of Congress determined to repeal Pelosi, Reid and Obama’s criminal legislation, lo and behold a Democratic Congresswoman is gunned down in Obama country, Pima County Arizona.  Arizona?  Pima County?  Let’s start thinking about this fellows.  You’ll remember that Obama filed a law suit against Joe Arpaio another Arizona Sheriff for enforcing the law.  You’ll remember he had his stooges in the Federal courts declared a US law enacted in different terminology in Arizona declared unconstitutional.  Are things clearing up yet?  You’ll also remember that Obama set aside a huge swath of Arizona terriory as off limits to American citizens lest they interfere with the Mexican invasion route.  And now this crime is committed in Obama country?

As might be expected Obama’s stooge sheriff of Pima County started spouting the buzz word, vitriol.  If that guy can spell it I would be amazed while I’m sure that he doesn’t know what it means.  He probably thinks Vitriol is a hair oil or a rear end lubricant.  Vitriol:  who’s kidding who?  Is Bullshit in the dictionary?

The Republicans are so dumb they accept the accusation that the shooter is a ‘Conservative’ i.e. the equivalent of a Nazi style Communist and that Palin and the Tea Party are responsible for this Democratic crime.  Good god, this is nothing more than a Nazi criminal maneuver.

The Obamites say they are looking for some guy who showed up with the shooter.  Believe it or not they say they actually have his picture.  I doubt it.  How fishy can it get.  If such a guy exists he was probably the kid’s handler.  Probably hypnotized the poor youth and delivered him to the spot.  Loaded his AK for him.  If someone is found it will be found to be a false trail and he will be released.  If he’s reliable he may be convicted but quietly released after a short time.  If he’s not reliable he’ll have to be shot while resisting arrest.  C’mon boys, we’ve all seen this movie before.

Tighten you belts and start laughing at these hapless Democratic bunglers.  Didn’t Obama promise you he was going to be transparent?


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