Barack Obama And Political Vitriol

Barack Obama And Political Vitriol


R.E. Prindle

The mental derangement of the Liberal establishment is on full display after the shooting in Tucson.  A person attacked a political rally in that city shooting several people.  Immediately Nits in Chief  TV commentator Keith Olberman and SPLC spokesman Haim Potok assumed that the crime was the result of right wing ‘vitriol.’  The pair sank so low into their own vitriol that they ridiculed the shooter’s name-  Jared Lee Loughner.   It was a very weird name they said.

According to reports Loughner suffered from alcohol poisoning in high school and from a reading of several of his documents posted he suffered some serious brain damage.  A casual reading of his documents suggests that he functions in a time loop where his life before the alcohol poisoning never ends  while a future can never begin.  Seems clear, his brain is damaged.

While Liberal Nits decry the conspiracy ‘mindset’ of ‘right wing extremists’ as a form of mental degeneracy they are quick to place this unfortunate youth in some ‘vitriolic’ right wing conspiracy led by Sarah Palin.

But, speaking of vitriol, two leading practitioners of political vitriol, Olberman and SPCLer Potok don’t seem to recognize their own reflection in Loughner who can at least claim brain damage as his excuse.  But then it is possible Olberman and Potok can do the same.    Nor does a local Liberal Nit, Steve Duin, who is getting on the band wagon of the anti-vitriol brigade.  Vitriol is going to be the new catchword for a while.  Say it a couple times to get used to it- vitriol, vitriol.   Interestingly Loughner accuses Obama of trying to control the political vocabulary.  Damned conspiracy nut he is.

Who orginated our present political vitriol?  Why none other than our beloved President Barack Obama and his Liberal Brigades.  Who was it said anyone who doesn’t agree with me and not backing my program is a domestic terrorist?  Why, El Presidente himself to the cheers and jeers of his Liberal Brigades.

Are we soon to see the Liberal Brigades marching through the streets shouting slogans, smashing windows and burning cars in emulation of Chairman Mao’s Cultural soldiers?  Or would that be ‘vitriol.’  I don’t imagine so.  Vitriol in the voices of the Liberal Nits is one sided like racism and anti-Semitism.  Only the others can be vitriolic, the Chosen are justified sinners.  An obscenity from their mouths is the word of god, from others- VITRIOL.

Pay no attention to these people, let them talk to themselves or as to the faithful  in a church, synagogue or mosque.  Wall them in.


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